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Repinscourge's SFV Mods


Here I'll publish links to my mods for SFV. 
If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for mods, write me here or at Deviant Art.

List of my mods:
1) Sakura Fundoshi Mod (C1, C2, C3, C7)

This is all for now.  Blush
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That looks amazing, man! Could pass for an official costume and something Sakura could wear cannonically. But could you please make it replace C01 and C02 instead?
[+] 1 user Likes orange_zone's post

My, look at those abs! ♥ Could you possibly bless Karin with a similar physique? And some outfit to complement her dom attitude. (Do-S from One Punch Man comes to mind.)
[+] 1 user Likes allthewaythrough's post

@orange_zone I somehow didn't think about it, but i'll be glad if this happens.

Just updated the mod files, now you can use it in C01, C02 or C03 costume slots.

@allthewaythrough Glad you like it. I used to practice a lot in building muscles when i was doing mods for DOA5LR game. And i'm pleased that this experience was useful to me in SFV modding.

I like the Karin mod idea, D-os have a terrific design  Mesmerized
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wow, thanks man, much appreciated!
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