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  Make Certain Mesh Parts Disappear
Posted by: Remy2FANG - Yesterday, 01:05 AM - Forum: Tools, Tutorials & Resources - No Replies

Video by Light fat


Hex Editor:

There's no current way to do actual mesh modding for Guilty Gear Xrd, but making certain parts of a character disappear, like their hat or hair, is probably the closest thing to it.

How to use Rev2ModLoader 

Open up Rev2ModLoader.exe

If you already have mods (they are .bbscript format), put them inside the rev2_mods folder, which can be found inside the Rev2ModLoader folder

Run GG Rev

When you see the title screen, go to Rev2ModLoader and click "Enable Mods." It should hook into the game. 

When you're in training mode, or some other mode, you can extract character scripts from either Player 1, Player 2, or the AI. 

When you extract the character scripts, Rev2ModLoader will automatically load the extracted scripts in the rev2_mods folder. 

All mod scripts should be names <SHORTNAME.bbscript> or <SHORTNAME>_ETC.bbscript to be loaded into the game. For universal mechanics scripts use CMN.bbscript or CMNEF.bbscript as the filename for the corresponding script.

I haven't made things disappear yet, but when looking at other mods that did so, I have an idea on how they did it.  For example for the "Bald Ky" mod, if you open it's bbscript in the hex editor and Ctrl+F to find "Hair," you'll see that it ended with "x."  The original should be "Hair." and then the "." is replaced by "x", so it becomes Hairx.  I think the point of that is to invalidate the reference for the hair, so it'll make Ky bald.  Same goes for I-No's hat.  Find "hat" in the hex editor and replace "." at the end of hat for "x", and then her hat disappears.

Though this method has it's limitations.  Some items might be merged with other parts of the body, so sometimes you'll make a part of an arm or leg disappear.  So those parts should be left alone.

As provided by that Youtube video above, the mods can be downloaded here:


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  Definitive Texture Modding Tutorial
Posted by: Remy2FANG - 02-27-2021, 10:26 PM - Forum: Tools, Tutorials & Resources - No Replies

uMod V 2.0 alpha (r53) :

I dabbled in Guilty Gear Xrd modding and find that this method of Texture extraction and injection works.  The tutorial was originally written by a Reddit user (the name was deleted, so I don't know who they are).  Just in case that post might get deleted in the future, I might as well copy and paste the instructions here:

Step 1: Setting Everything Up

Open up uMod. Select Main > Add Game and find your .exe file of Guilty Gear. It should be somewhere in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-\Binaries\Win32.

Then select Main > Tick Use Global Hook.

Open up Guilty Gear. If things have worked, a tab should have opened in uMod. Make sure the Guilty Gear Xrd tab is selected in uMod.

Click Capture textures > >. A bunch of options will come up. Right now, you need to make sure Save Single Texture, Show Texture In the Upper Left Corner and Show Message In The Upper Left Corner are ticked.

You’ll see three buttons - Back, Save and Next. You need to assign keys to these buttons, this is what you’ll navigate through the textures with. Click one of those buttons, and press a key. I use 8, 9 and 0 because I hardly ever use those keys.

You want to make sure only the DDS box is ticked. This is important as when extracting/re-inserting textures, if you use any other format, the files will be messed up.

Finally, make sure you’ve set a save directory. uMod should automatically default it so any texture rips go into your uMod’s texture folder, but it may not have.

[Image: 50987052912_b33861968e_z.jpg]

Everything should look like this when done. Press Update.

Step 2: Extracting The Texture

Enter Training Mode. Select the character you wish to mod.

Important: If you only want the colour palette to affect everything but the Main Story mode, when selecting a character, make sure you don’t select the character’s default colour palette. If you want your mod to affect how the character looks in the Main Story mode as well as all other modes, then change the character’s default colour palette.

Start pressing the key you assigned to the Back button. Locate the character texture (your character will light up green once you’ve found it). If your GG crashes, you may have to go through the textures more slowly.

For me, I found my Ky texture around the number 1032 in REV. So check around the 1000 area.

[Image: 50986238393_cf4d170c4f.jpg]

Hit your Save assigned key. You’ve now ripped the texture! It should appear in your textures folder (or wherever you assigned it to save).

Do not rename the texture.

At this point, untick Save Single Texture, Show Texture In the Upper Left Corner and Show Message In The Upper Left Corner. Click Update.

You can close uMod and Guilty Gear if you want.

Step 3: Making Your Edit

If you haven’t already, at this point make sure your GIMP is installed with the DDS plugin.

(If you don’t know how to install it into your GIMP, unzip your DDS zip. Put all of the contents into C:\Users\Your Name Here\AppData\Local\Programs\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins. Do not open the .exe, just leave it in the plugins folder).

Locate your ripped texture, and open it with GIMP.

[Image: 50986238363_f01fd4d4d7_w.jpg]

This will come up. Make sure Load mipmaps is unticked. If successful, your file should have opened in GIMP!

[Image: 50987052877_bee28f18c7.jpg]

At this point, edit the texture however you want.

It will be difficult to tell which texture corresponds to each part of the character. So you’ll have to do a lot of trial and error.

(If you’re modding Ky, I’ll save you some time and point out roughly what corresponds to what. If something isn’t labelled, I’ve forgotten what part it is.)

[Image: 50986238328_0cdb237e1c.jpg]

Once you’re done with your edit to the texture, export it. Please remember you don’t rename the file. Keep it the same name. Make sure it’s a DDS file.

If this box below comes up, make sure you have Generate Mipmaps on.

[Image: 50986238283_350c548ffa_n.jpg]

Final Step: Using Your Mod

Open up uMod and Guilty Gear if you closed it earlier. Always open up uMod first and then Guilty Gear, or it won’t work.

Open up Training Mode or Digital Figure Mode or whatever mode is gonna be best for you to take a look at the character.

Now, drag your Mod File/s into this box:

[Image: 50986948431_f476850f03_w.jpg]

The game may freeze as it loads the new texture. If your game crashes, keep uMod open and reopen Guilty Gear.

For this example, I’m gonna be loading my Ky Mod which shows off his bare legs (yes, really).

And there you go, you’ve made a GG mod! Now all you have to do is share the Mod files to people. 

[Image: 50987052782_6fa12c27c6_z.jpg]

A Quick Guide to Installing GG Mods:

  1. Open uMod
  2. Main > Add GameThe .exe should be somewhere in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-\Binaries\Win32
  3. Go back to Main > Tick Use Global Hook
  4. Open GG Xrd REV
  5. A new tab should have opened for the game on uMod. Drag the mod files into the white bottom box (the box that has labels Title, A, D, Author and Comment)
  6. Mod successfully installed!If game crashes, just keep uMod open and open GG again.Notes: You will have to Open uMod and continue from Step 4 everytime you open GG Xrd. This is because the texture changes aren't saved permanently. Currently there is no way to do that.
Questions that you may or may not have:

Q: “I’m trying to remove x clothing from a character, but the clothing seams and creases still show!”A: Clothing seams and creases are part of another file. You’ll have to find the corresponding texture for them. I would do a guide, but this post is already too long.

Q: “When I reopened Guilty Gear, the texture didn’t save.”A: That’s because uMod doesn’t replace these textures permanently. You’ll have to open uMod everytime.

Q: “uMod didn’t change my game’s textures.”A: Make sure you always open uMod first, then Guilty Gear. It also could have been because you’ve changed the file’s names.

Original Post:

Now, I do have my own ways of editing Textures and putting them into GG Xrd Naughty Wink Naughty Wink .  What I would do is type in a character's name, Guilty Gear, and XNALara on Google and it should be the first search item leading to someone's Deviantart page for the download (always credit that wonderful uploader  Angel Angel ).  They should have both model and textures in TGA format.  

I'd load the model up in Blender with the XNALara plug-in (for Blender versions 2.8 or below as of now), enable Texture view, go to Texture Paint mode, paint directly on the model, and save the changes on the Textured file.  

Then I would load the texture on to GIMP and save it as a DDS file.  And then that's when I put in the modded texture into the game, and it worked Big Grin Big Grin

Now, there's no way to fully edit the mesh models in GG Xrd as it runs on UE3.  Epic Games has discontinued UE3 service years ago and you cannot download it (legally).  But if you're really creative with your texture ideas, the possibilities can be endless.

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  Swap material by Hex editing
Posted by: Baniway - 02-26-2021, 02:33 PM - Forum: Character Mods - No Replies

Hi all, is there a way to swap a material uasset from a slot to another one, for exemple, hair kage from C4 (short) to C2 (long), just by Hex editing? Without using UE4, blender etc...
I have already hide some materials (thanks to @robhal for his tutorial) so I think that's possible, maybe I'm wrong...

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  Request Meadow Stage for Grid
Posted by: Chiptune - 02-25-2021, 06:23 PM - Forum: Stage & Sound Mods - No Replies

I saw some meadow mods for Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI, and would like to see the same applied to Street Fighter V. Something akin to the Windows XP wallpaper.
I'm in that kind of spring fever right now, so this would be appreciated.

Edit: It just occurred to me that the Field of Fate stage could be edited to have a daytime version.

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  Possible to modify Character Select?
Posted by: Chiptune - 02-24-2021, 09:12 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - Replies (3)

This might be unlikely, but would it be at all possible to modify the character select aesthetic? Like, reverting it to the look of the vanilla version of SFV.

[Image: characterdesign.png]

If the actual icons for the characters can't be changed, I would at least like to see that nice blue Earth in the background, it's pretty.

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  Consider Supporting
Posted by: Monkeygigabuster - 02-23-2021, 03:54 PM - Forum: Offtopic - No Replies

Hi everyone
As you may know Recently Tekken 7 mesh modding has become reality and the modding scene has been booming since then.
The Tekken modding community has also host a new website to host Tekken 7:
If you are a modder of Tekken 7,consider posting mods on that site to gain more exposure for your Tekken 7 mod.Also if you have any Tekken 7 mods that has been lost on the Internet,don't hesitate to post that mod on that site too(as long as you credit the original author properly)

Kind Regards,

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  Extracted char paks?
Posted by: Lenns1st - 02-07-2021, 09:56 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - Replies (7)

Can anyone upload the akuma c2 and chun li c1 extracted pak folder? I need them and i cant extract by myself cuz my pc doesnt have enough space. Hey modders i know u can help me easily pls..

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  Tool for extracting textures?
Posted by: Mr. K - 02-03-2021, 07:36 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - Replies (1)


is there a tool I can use to extract a character's texture from the game files and save them into an editable png/tif/whatever format so I can modify them with GIMP?
I've been looking through the Useful Tools and most of the rest of the modding forum section, but I couldn't find anything. Can someone tell me which program to use?

After editing the texture files I should be able to re-inject them into the game files with Brutal Aces' TexJector, right?

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  How do you make new stages?
Posted by: GCS-WT - 02-01-2021, 06:51 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - Replies (5)

I guess this is primarily aimed at Monkeygigabuster, but I appreciate help from anyone.

How do you make new stages? I cannot find any information at all about this. Do you extract something from umap files from other games, or make new ones?

Just looking for some basic info to get me started.

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  Reading Inputs the Game Reads
Posted by: Halfire - 01-31-2021, 05:58 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - No Replies

Is it possible to access the code that determines if a move comes out? I don't just want to read every button the player presses but every move the comes out.

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