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  It's EVO 2019 Prediction Time Again
Posted by: sleepy_scrub - Yesterday, 02:39 AM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (9)

So I was watching BushinStyle's stream on twitch the other night (great Zeku player, streams good house music too) and somebody asked him in the stream if he had heard anything about Super SF5.

(I've clipped it for you)

BushinStyle relays, though I have no idea what his sources are, that he's heard:

10 New Characters (!!)
Story Mode Season 2
V-Skill 2
CA 2
V-Focus Attack (works but costs V-Gauge a-la Red Focus...?)
More V-System things
More stages

And with a few weeks to EVO, I guess it's time to make our predictions for the big SF5 announcment this year! Maybe it's Super Ultra Rainbow Edition! Maybe it's just another Abigail or Kage and that's it! Who knows! 

My prediction based off what I've been hearing around the internets:

They do announce a new expansion, probably Super Street Fighter 5 (tracks with what X-Kira has been saying, Ono is tweeting again that he's excited to show off something)

At least 3 characters (10 would blow my mind, I'd expect 5 to round out a normal season including Kage).

C. Viper likely? (game needs more Waifus, appears on this Udon swimsuit cover with the rest of the SF5 ladies from like a month ago)
[Image: street-fighter-pinup-special-600x461.jpg]

-Rose likely? (I've said all along that Menat (Rose Jr.) means Rose is out but Catalyst, the Editor of Eventhubs, claims his sources have told him she's in for sure and he's 95% sure she's gonna get in during their podcast. While he admits he's a Rose stan, I don't think he'd go on record saying that if he wasn't sure). 

Story Mode 2 likely (I again point to Ed's story mode taking place after Bison dies in Season 1, and him forming Neo-Shadaloo with Falke, Beardy, and the Gorilla, doesn't make sense to set this up and never speak of it again). 
[Image: sfv-ed-story-mode-ending-622x350.jpg?resize=622%2C350]

-More of X-Kira's predictions probably come true and piss off his haters (BushinStyle citing CA2, story mode and new stages also tracks with stuff X-Kira said was coming a long time ago but hasn't happened yet).

And now my predictions of things that people won't like:
-Expansion not dropping until end of the year (tracks with another thing X-Kira said forever ago, also if any of the system changes are true they can't drop it until after Capcom Cup or the pro players will riot).

-Characters are dropping as an all-or-nothing package deal. No more buying them one at a time, no more buying them with fight money. You buy the expansion or you don't get anybody. Though Capcom MIGHT drop 1 or 2 characters at EVO as a preorder bonus if you preorder Super SF5 now.

The hints for this are everywhere. The "we're doing things differently" post on Capcom Unity. Slowly phasing out fight money all year by getting rid of ways to earn it. Not dropping any characters throughout the year, even with other fighting games launching and taking a lot of SF5's shine.  To me the only reason to not drop characters throughout the year is if you believed releasing them all at once as a package was ultimately going to be more profitable.  

Also a lot of characters were bashed on release for being low tier or having janky animations (Falke, Ed, Cody, Sakura.... people didn't LOVE Kolin or Zeku early on either). Dropping the characters as a package means people might be more receptive to weirdo/oddball characters they wouldn't try normally. Plus who would buy E. Honda as standalone DLC, honestly? Or somebody weird like Hakan or Rufus? Or Beardy and Gorilla from Ed's ending, maybe?

Plus let's be honest, fight money as a system is probably not the best idea financially. The diehards who play ranked everyday are gonna have a boatload of fight money and not have to pay for the DLC, while the casuals are expected to somehow pony up when they just want to play Ryu and Ken (there's a reason Ryu is always at the top of character usage rankings even though he's terrible). It's literally the opposite of what you're trying to achieve by selling DLC.

So while I think Capcom going back to a more traditional "expansion disc"  DLC format is probably good for the game, I think there's definitely going to be some people with a trillion fight money hoarded that are going to be PISSED Capcom didn't give them a heads up in January to stop grinding (I would be too). 

And those are my predictions for this year. Do ya'll have any thoughts?

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  FreeStyle Camera MOD
Posted by: NoMiiAegis - 07-18-2019, 01:31 PM - Forum: Stage & Sound Mods - No Replies

Any freestyle camera mod available?

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  Hud/health bar mod
Posted by: Vinsin - 07-16-2019, 05:08 PM - Forum: Stage & Sound Mods - No Replies

Would anyone be interested in making a hud or health bar mod for sfv.

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  Need some help with .pak files and music mods.
Posted by: sunbrosolaire - 07-16-2019, 02:32 AM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - Replies (2)

So I'm using Fluffy Manager 5000, and it installs mods well, but a WitcherIII bgm rehaul .pak doesn't appear to be working.

I really want to use BrutalAce's Carnival Laura skin but I don't have the C2 (Story costume). He says that C1 - C5 conversions are available and I tried installing those but it doesn't work.

Anyone have an idea of what to do? I feel so lost and frustrated.

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  New Save Editing Tool by Violent Vodka
Posted by: bbb - 07-15-2019, 05:26 AM - Forum: Tools, Tutorials & Resources - Replies (4)

This is a new save edit tool by Violent Vodka

You can make CAS edits by editing the save file. 

[Image: scvi_mods_tool___betatest___a_quick_look...wyn2dm1wFE]

Here are some examples of what you can do

Have the thickest proportions from the thick set, and the thinnest proportions from the thin set together (even more exaggerated with 2B outfit)

Show ContentSpoiler:

Make breakable parts unbreakable and unbreakable parts breakable

Show ContentSpoiler:

Choose 1 hair style to break into another hair style to make you own custom hair break

Show ContentSpoiler:

Put stickers in areas that don't allow so (eg. putting a sticker on the legs of the skin)

Show ContentSpoiler:

Have up to 52 stickers on a single CAS (4 for each category)

Show ContentSpoiler:

Equip 2 items in the same category by moving it to a different slot. eg. Skirt and Tira's pants (both in the lower category, so I move Tira's pants to the hips category)

Show ContentSpoiler:

Use the forbidden colours (like orange) on parts that have restricted colours (like Tira's pants)

Show ContentSpoiler:

Change any colour to have a glow effect

Show ContentSpoiler:

Use restricted parts like Nightmare's Arm for CAS, or use main character faces for CAS, or use gender restricted items on any gender

Show ContentSpoiler:

CAS hair break

Show ContentSpoiler:

Have spaces in CAS names

Show ContentSpoiler:

Recreate the 3P or 4P colours in creation and then change whatever you want after like hair or something

Show ContentSpoiler:

Copy the default colours of a specific item or hair and give it to another (In the case of Sophitia's blonde hair, its not even a selectable colour in the game)

Show ContentSpoiler:
[Image: its_possible_to_copy_the_default_colours_of_a]

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  Mod to get back the old main menu theme?
Posted by: grimgrents - 07-14-2019, 12:32 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - No Replies

Is there a mod to get the vanilla sfv main menu (because the current one doesnt become darker or lighter depending on the time of day like the one we had before arcade edition

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  Is there a tool that...
Posted by: BboiSera - 07-13-2019, 06:22 PM - Forum: Modding Questions & Discussions - No Replies

... allows you to swap the stickers for something you made yourself?  

If not, how do I get into the game please to find them.  With all this texture swap modding going on I can't imagine replacing lesser used or pointless stickers would be too difficult.  If I know how to recompile it too, i'm happy to make sets (photoshop is my thing see, coding... not so much)

Thanks in advance.

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  Stage Logo Replacement Service
Posted by: TiggieWhite - 07-11-2019, 01:46 PM - Forum: Stage & Sound Mods - Replies (22)

I've created a new thread here, so you guys don't need to "inbox" me when you want me to replace the logo in the stage. Just post your request with the logo's link here, I'm no Saint Rob, but I still will be here......sometimes

For now, 
S14 (Ring of Justice) 
monitor logo:
Picture Size : 1024 x 512 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
stage ring logo(skeleton):
Picture Size : 1024 x 1024 (PNG if you need alpha channel)

It will look like this :

[Image: s142.gif]

S09 (Ring of Power) monitor logo is available.
Picture Size : 1024 x 512 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
It looks like this :

[Image: S09.gif]

S04 (Ring of Pride) monitor logo is available.
Two Pictures, Both Size : 1024 x 512 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
It looks like this :

[Image: S04.gif]

TAI (Ring of Destiny) 
Scrolling Image : 512 x 114 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
Scrolling Text : 1024 x 128 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
Stage Logo : 1024 x 1024 (PNG if you need alpha channel)
It looks like this :

[Image: show.jpg]

*Um......Don't be greedy, one stage at a time

So my first client @SUPERVERITECH

Download Link >

[Image: logo2.jpg]

here's yours

Download Link >

[Image: s14.jpg]

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  Repinscourge's SFV Mods
Posted by: Repinscourge - 07-07-2019, 10:04 AM - Forum: Character Mods - Replies (4)


Here I'll publish links to my mods for SFV. 
If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for mods, write me here or at Deviant Art.

List of my mods:
1) Sakura Fundoshi Mod (C1, C2, C3, C7)

This is all for now.  Blush

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  (AIO) SFVAE Title Update v4.021-v4.060
Posted by: robhal - 07-06-2019, 04:35 AM - Forum: Tools, Tutorials & Resources - Replies (1)

I am sure you guys are aware of the infamous "load order" issue when running the game with PAK mods installed with ~mods folder method, right? For those who don't know, here is a quick summary: basically with "~mods folder" install method, there is chance that the game doesn't load some of the PAK mods installed there eventhough the mods themselves are perfectly fine; the issue can be solved (partially) with putting more PAK mods in there or renaming the said PAK mods with putting like the "a" letter in front of their filenames so that they will be loaded by the game (hopefully). Notice that I said "partially" because there is also a chance by doing the solution above will cause another PAK mods to not load either. So the issue is purely random and can't be predicted.

Back again on the "load order" issue, I just found out (from couple of friends telling me) that the same issue can also happen for Capcom's official title updates which are now comprised of multiple PAK files, not just a single PAK file like usually in the past (FYI: they are the game update that downloaded from in-game instead of from Steam, and usually have filename like "VerXXXXXX_Steam.pak") when we use the "dlc.manifest bypass" (more info can be found on here, spoiler box #3) and moving those particular PAK files to the Paks folder (this is where the game store all its main PAK files, aside from those title update PAK files) so that we can still use ~mods folder to install PAK mods that modify/overwrite the actual game files which are inside those title update PAK files.

Personally I don't have such issue eventhough I also use the "dlc.manifest bypass" and installing PAK mods in ~mods folder (as like I said above, the issue is completely random and can't be predicted, AFAIK), but after hearing such issue from my friends thus I try to combine those multiple title update PAK files into one single PAK file (like it used to be) so that the load order issue (example: Laura's Swimwuit 2 costume name not displayed correctly or the new night version of Suzaku Castle stage is missing in the stage select screen, etc) is hopefully solved. Not to mention this is also a perfect opportunity to make useful of the new discovery from @FluffyQuack (thanks bro) to make the compressed PAK file (like what he described in the thread here) as those game files unpacked from the title update files are so many and the total size is huge as well (I am talking about "over 2 GB" size here), but with using the compression feature, the PAK file size for AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.021-v4.060 (atm) can be reduced to like 660 MB.

Anyway, enough with the background story (it's quite long, right? lol) and here is the download link of that said "AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.021-v4.060 (atm)" if you guys have similar issue and want to try to solve it!9EIGSK4L!2Jb0FOCS40Keh...ONgO2prWjM

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