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An interesting Animation Swap Instance ^__^

Obviously, I'm quite bored these days,  so I'm trying something interesting(stupid)...
Speaking of which... Is there anyone tried to swap Character Animation before? I believe there was, because it's such an easy thing to do. but I didn't see one, so I tried to do one my self for fun...

I swap Sakura's Z26_SPA_214K to her Z26_SPA_236P, guess what happened?
Yeah, she can kick a Hadoken this:

[Image: SwapAni.gif]

I just simply changed 3 names, and it works......100 times easier than character swap.
And of cause you can swap other character's animation on Sakura too, no doubt. 
maybe anyone would like this?

well, I just leave my pak file here if you wanna kick a Hadoen out~~   Cool
[Image: Yshtola.gif]
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