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Question about mod slot swap of Chunli C6 to C1

Hallo, I try to swap the Chunli Leifang Mod by TiggieWhite from C6 to C1. But it doesnt work , I need help.
Here is the Link of oringal Mod by tiggiewhite

First I changed the name of all files. 
Z02 -> CNL and 06 -> 01
File in DataAsset
DA_Z02_CostumeColorPreview_06 -> DA_CNL_CostumeColorPreview_01
File in Material
CM_Z02_06_E01_Eyes -> CM_CNL_01_E01_Eyes
File in  Mesh
Z02_06 -> CNL_01
File in Texture
CT_Z02_06_COLOR_01 -> CT_CNL_01_COLOR_01

Next I use hxd to modify each file as follows.

/06/ -> /01/
Z02_06 -> CNL_01
Custume_06 -> Custume_01
Preview_06 -> Preview_01
Setting_06 -> Setting_01
Preset_06 -> Preset_01

I use PMM to import this Mod.
The character can be displayed in the character selection screenand the Swimsuit is grey.
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 1.png]
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" />
But the model is broken during the battle. 
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 2.png]
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" />
I think, that the model need some oringal files of C6 Costume. If I copy all files, game is crashed, when i choose Chunli in the character selcetion screen.
I copy some files from pakchunk26-WindowsNoEditor in mod. Now swimsuit has color, but  shoes and Belt are also grey. I cant copy the CM_Z02_06_E07_Shoes and CM_Z02_06_E11_Belt, because game is crashed, when I choose Chunli. And display of the charater during the battle doesnt work also.
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 3.png]
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" />

I dont know how can fix it. I need help. I packaged my mod,the original mod and oringinal C6 files in followed Link.!OAkgzKZB!bFkJA66Osl-T7..._dR701oAgw

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