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Hide Ibuki's Kite

[Image: _material_mod__let_s_hide_ibuki_s_kite_b...czaixl.jpg]

Hey guys, 
If you don't like Ibuki's Kite, or you want to swap Ibuki to another Character. Maybe you would like this.
I've created a material for her to hide the kite. It's a public material, so all her costumes will lose the kite. But you can make it private by changing the material name, i think you know what to do.
You can download my material pak here : Material Download

Have fun.
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OMG, this is so amazing! 

I was working in some Ibuki's swaps, trying to solve the problem with the kite (and going crazy in the process Angry )... and you just solved it! Thank you very much! Mesmerized Mesmerized

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]

Great "finding" @TiggieWhite, been a while uh? Great work, nevertheless. I'll just tag @robhal here 'cuz I saw him talking about this issue tons of times, he might be interested, so Rob, check this out when you have the time.

Again, great work @TiggieWhite.
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very glad to see it works fine on swapped mods, i never tested one before.
i think you should thank @Devo too, this guy told me there's something wrong with Ibuki's kite, and that's why i created this pak to help you guys out.
Have fun, mate. Big Grin

Ahaha... indeed long time no c , i only show up when i have something to share. i hope i will have something more interesting to share next time. Tongue
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