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Updates and DLCs - Latest: v1.10C (final)

The locked outfits can be unlocked by completing a whole set of a match. If you want to unlock outfits for two characters at once, play tag and win the 5 rounds (doesnt matter what difficulty) and at the end you unlock an outfit for each of the characters you used. If you want to fully unlock everything, just download a save but that takes a little bit of the fun out of it IMO since you'd be playing anyway.
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(01-09-2018, 08:24 AM)robhal Wrote: @New Member
That error message will always mean one thing only, it's because the devenum.dll (from lnk_reshuffle) can't work with the current game.exe you have atm. Either it's the lnk_reshuffle is outdated (remmeber, it will have to be updated each time the game is updated too) or you use the cracked game.exe. Please check the checksum of your game.exe (from Update 28 which is also v1.10C) to be sure, here is the correct checksum value
CRC32: D33C09EE (to see this value, compress the game.exe file into zip/rar/7z archive and open the archive with WinRAR, check the CRC32 column)
MD5: 402c4181a7ecab8e26cd0ced8b1dc294

You can also do following:
  1. Install "Hashtab" in your OS it's free and cool. HashTab Download
  2. Hashtab is sneaky cool. Just select any file on your computer and right-click it. Select Properties. There is a new tab called “File Hashes”. That’s Hashtab! Select the “File Hashes” tab and discover the ease and simplicity of Hashtab.
  3. Now you will see your CRC32, MD5, SHA3 codes to compare.
TIPP1: if you copy the checksum in the clipboard before step 2 executes you see immediately after checking a green tick. If it's a red cross then the file is not the same.

TIPP2: if you want to compare two files you do not need that if both files have different file sizes. In this case the checksum will never match!

TIPP3: if you want to compare two files with same file sizes do step 2 and after drag and drop the other file in that window and see immediately the result (green tick or red cross).

Have fun Smile

(01-09-2018, 06:21 AM)Funnydead Wrote: EDIT: This is embarrasing. A minute after posting this I figure out the fix. Launching with the game.bat gives no such errors. I tried using the Launcher before. Though I still get the error to auto-decline throwdowns in Versus, but I believe that is meant to be there, right?

Hey Funnydead and all the other Members here,

I can only advise against the launcher file. It is not necessary and only more of a possible source of error.
You do not need these .bat files if you use AutoLink v3.30 . I only start doa5lr via the game.exe.

I do not understand why in the forums autolink is explained but again and again never the configurations file
dinput8.ini file is mentioned.

Steps to have more fun:

  1. You need: 3DMGAME.INI, steam_api.dll from 3dm crack. Don't use the launcher.exe!
    Extract these files in your DOA5LR root folder.
  2. You need d3d9.dll, DInput8.dll, DInput8.ini from AutoLink v3.30
    Extract these files also in your DOA5LR root folder.
  3. If you want use SweetFX or GEMFX or Reshade or whatever:
    rename the d3d9.dll from AutoLink v3.30 archive in d3d9_autolink.dll
  4. Open the file: DInput8.ini with a Text-Editor like Notepad++ or Notepad from Windows.
  5. Search at ResolutionMod=0, and change it to ResolutionMod=1
  6. Now few lines under this you will see the possible Resolutions to set.
    Write your desired Window Resolution after the equal sign from WindowResolution=(your desired Screensize)
    Write your desired Fullscreen Resolution after the equal sign from FullscreenResolution=(your desired Screensize)
  7. Change the Line 2 in your DOA5LR.ini in your wished Screen Property
    Example for Type of Screen:
    SCREEN_TYPE=FULL for Fullscreen
    SCREEN_TYPE=WINDOW for Windowscreen
If you did all the steps above start your game.exe and voila! Smile

Do not hold back if you have any questions.
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