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Music Mods

Post/Download music mods here.

I'll be keeping a log of people's released music mods here as well as my own. Throw them into this folder!

Mishima Dojo

Forgotten Realm

Jungle Outpost

  Formless Effort Mix By @Koenji

Arctic Snowfall

Dragon's Nest


Devil's Pit

Mishima Building

Abandoned Temple

  Blinded By Light 1.02 By @Koenji

Duomo di Sirio


G Corp Helipad

G Corp Helipad (Night)

Brimstone and Fire

Precipice of Fate

Violet Systems

Kinder Gym

Infinite Azure


WARNING: Jukebox Modifications requires the Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool created by ThePaSch.

  Tekken Mobile 1.01 Add-On By @Koenji

  Tekken Pachinko Ver.B Add-On By @Koenji
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Tekken Pachinko Ver. B Jukebox Add-On
WARNING: Make sure your game and jukebox tool are updated to the latest version!

[Image: Cover-s.png]
Album Mock-up created for the Soundtrack.


ThePaScH's Jukebox Tool


Add's the Unreleased Tekken Pachinko songs to the Jukebox tool. All these songs are featured in Tekken 7's gallery.

  • Features 11 unique songs to be replaced on any stage via usage of the Jukebox Tool.

  • Volume levels on all the songs have been adjusted.

  • Custom loops have been built to every song.

  • Album mock-up and cover included in the file!

- 1.0: Initial Release.


Download: Version 1.0 
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Would like to see Edge of Spring done for Infinite Azure. Smile

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