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A little tip for swapping

If you don't know how to swap a mod at all, check out this thread first

If you can swap a mod already, i think here's something you should know, it will save you a lot of precious time. 
For example I want to swap Chunli C6 to her C1.
After you duplicate all the files from C6 to C1, there are only 3 file names need to be updated.

1. DA_Z02_Costume_06 > DA_CNL_Costume_01
2. DA_Z02_CostumeColorPreview_06 > DA_CNL_CostumeColorPreview_01
3. DA_Z02_PreviewCostume_06 > DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_01

Those 3 files will be read by the game engine from somewhere i don't know. so i have to update those names. 
As for the rest of all (Material, Texture, Mesh files), their file paths have been written into the DA_XXX_Costume_XX and the Mesh file(Z02_06 in this case) mostly, so we don't have to change any of them, the only thing we need to do is update the Index( file path ) for each one.
In this case, "Ctrl + R > "/06/" to "/01/" > Replace All", Done (really not a heavy job isn't it?!). of cause, if you want to swap it to another character,lets say Chunli to Juri, then you have to replace all "/CNL/" to "/JRI/".

If i didn't make myself perfectly clear in English, here's the swap mod i've made. Chunli C6 to C1. you can check that out: (this is my way to do a full swap)

I will be very happy if this thread helps any of you, especially @robhal and @Lobuttomize you two angels. (I noticed you guys do change all the file names, it's a waste of time i think, maybe i just misunderstood full swap or mini swap, if you have special reasons maybe let me know plz.)

have a nice day guys ^ ^
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I actually used the way you described in some swaps that have odd names for their texture files (eg. the mod is for C1 but the texture files have name like CT_xxx_01_COLOR and CT_xxx_02_COLOR at the same time, so if I swap the mod to other slot like C3 and if I rename both files to CT_xxx_03_COLOR, both files will overlap and one is gone). See, what you just describe is perfectly fine and really save some times, but for me time doesn't matter (tbh and don't want to brag, but if I put the focused mode to make one swap, it will be done in less than 5 minutes; but no I don't do that all the time, usually when I do the swapping process, at the same time I also browse the internet, watching some anime/movie, playing my mobile games, etc).

Also the other reason I do the swap with renaming all files, it's just for simplicity as it's easier to see if the swap is for C3, then I suppose the filenames also conform to C3 convention too (not just the folder).

Anyway, this is really a nice tip and perfectly doable for people who want to follow it, so thanks for sharing the guide and good writing as well.
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Never mind I did it through BrutalAce's guide thread

you use '/' + key + '/' to search and replace?
I used your way(only change the 3 costume DA filename,use '/'+key+'/' to find and replace all the files from the other 3 directories) and Robhal's way(no '/' and hex all files to find replace,except meaningless part) to swap BrutalAce's Menat Kauket barely safe mod to Ibuki C3
all failed
I feel so frustrated, don't know why
anybody can help me?
this is the link
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@TiggieWhite I reviewed again,compared the difference ,and I did swap IBUKI-C3 to Lucia-C3, Thank you very much

but the eyes became gray, and the kite is lost material showed as a gray kite when I jump(I use your invisible kite mod)

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