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Segadordelinks' SC6 Mods

Shorter Capris
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Capris now only covers untll mid-thigh.
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Ivy Soul Calibur IV
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An old costume Ivy found in her wardrobe.

Replaces Ivy's costume. Almost fully color customizable (only the fingers aren't). Thumbnails included.
Includes the damaged version.

Don't use the Ivy Fix mod if you install this mod.
Known issues: The right hand has some issues (see pics above).

Ivy Soul Calibur IV Breakable
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Naugthy version of my Ivy Soul Calibur IV mod.

Three versions included (see pic above).

Breakable Socks
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Tired of seeing that your socks are more resistant than the heaviest of armors? No more!

This mod replaces the Wrapped Legs with the other socks of the game, making them destructible.

  • Knee Socks.
  • Short Socks.
  • Shinobi Tabi.
  • Bandages (Legs).
Sadly, as they all replace the Wrapped Legs, you have to choose one.

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