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Custom BGM Mods

From Sonic Brawler
Space Stage replaced by Cowboy Bebop Theme

From neoxm3
Japanese Dragon Ball Anime Music Pack

From Asakim
JRPG Music Pack
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I'll redo that one.

hi, i share this custom bgm mod with the best musics of DB, i replace almost all the songs, all least all STAGE and CHARACTER, and only in 300mb!

Use as always, in mod folder.


A video of the bmg in action:
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I finished my BGM mod for FighterZ.  
Download is here.

Here's a playlist showing how every song sounds in the game.

Not sure if it's possible but I'll go ahead and make the request anyways.

I've fully modded my ost in this game and I love having the original japanese ost, but one thing I think would make this game a billion times better for me is if the soundtrack worked the way Mvc3's soundtrack worked. In that game, if you KO'd a character, the theme music of the next incoming character would begin to play. If anybody could find a way to make this game's soundtrack work like that I would be willing to donate generously.

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