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Modding Discussion Thread

@Ecchi Gamer I totally agree with @BrutalAce what he explained is an excellent starting point, what remains to know about body and face rigging are "case per case" scenarios requiring knowledge based on experience
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you're right it takes a lot of experience before someone is good enough to rig entire body
it just gave it a try with the things i know and results were just ok , almost what i expected

by the way i gotta say that momiji mod was fantastic
looking forward to your future work

Sorry to hear about your back , hopefully it gets better soon

As for me i just really need to shut myself away from things so that i can fully focus on studies
it will probably happen again after 4-5 months when my next exams draw near but
only for a maximum period of 2 months

i won't let go of gaming and modding that easily unless

i do really bad in my exams and my parents obliterate my computer and me
or i end up dying in a natural disaster
or i end up dying in a war
or i end up dying in any other way

but until that doesn't happen you'll find me active on this forum

Also, i stepped up the game from a simple two piece bikini to something a little more difficult

[Image: screenshot__61__by_ecchigamer-dc61ms3.png]

Sakura - Asari SSR 

the proportional editing was almost ok
but the textures are not exactly what i wanted to get from it in some area's but in the end i just had to accept these because they weren't what i was focused on
the legs area was a little bit difficult for me because this was first time , hopefully i'll get better

just like you said next thing that i'll try will have some more tight clothing and i'll try to get it as right as possible
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1) Have you tried disabling the collision completely by setting Collision Response = Disabled instead of disabling them between individual bodies ?

2) Did you took this physics file from one of Laura's existing mod or you made it from scratch for this mod ? sometimes old physics files don't work properly if you change the skeleton considerably so in that case you have to delete the envelops of affected bodies (breasts) and make them again, that will reset them according to new skeleton.

NOTE: This can happen on any body irrespective of whether you modified that bone in skeleton or not.

As for hairs going inside breasts, there is another way to fix that instead of having collision on breasts bones. One bone can have multiple hulls of different shapes, you can add additional shapes to chest bone so it will cover the breasts too, this will mimic that hairs are colliding with breasts but in reality they will be resting on chest bone. I used this in Kolin mods with new hairstyles, take a look at this screenshot.

Show ContentSpoiler:

Usually I stay away from doing hair collisions with actual breast bones because if the bones get stuck with each other then a lot of weird stuff happens and sometimes they don't reset until you quit the fight or the round changes, I use this method instead when I want hairs or anything else to look like it's colliding with breasts, in reality it just stay on top of kinematic chest bone using multiple shapes to cover breasts.
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1) yes, it is what I originally started with

2)  made it from scratch.

3) That is a clever idea. Smile Since those other hulls are attached to the chest though, and if the breast bounce up higher then those chest hulls, wont the hair still go through? or is it barely noticeable?


I have to see the skeleton then, and if possible physics file too. I can't think of anything else that might be causing this issue. Btw does this melting happens in Physics Asset Editor or just the game ? and if it happens in game only then does it happen in selection screen only or the actual game too ?

Sorry for so many questions, just trying to understand then problem Smile

As for the hairs solution, it's not that noticeable unless you have some crazy movement on breasts, you saw my Kolin mods, they have good bit of bounce effect but it still works pretty good, also since both hairs and breasts move when you move the character, it rarely happens but if you're worried about clipping then you can make chest hulls slightly bigger than breast hulls, this way they will always cover the breast movement and the gap between hairs and breasts won't be that big since hairs have shape, they will always rest around breasts properly.


Asset editor moves normally. Only in game it acts weird. in the select screen, just the one breast on the outside melts out. in the actual match, the breast seem to melt in random directions, even upwards. I uploaded the mesh folder and the fbx.

Thanks for having a look Smile btw, if your wondering why its named JuriGoth3, I just been exporting the fbx over the same fbx file to import into unreal since my first Juri mod.

No worries, you are trying to help Smile

Well that's good to hear. I only used your short hair version of the kolin swimwear mod, so I never got to see that hair and breast collision Tongue
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Thanks! I'll take a look at it.
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Thanks Smile
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if your free then i need your help with something
i am working on new mod
[Image: screenshot__7__by_ecchigamer-dc6sdam.png]

i have nearly rigged it

i don't know how create physics yet and i don't want to move on to it just yet

i am using your mod juri micro bikini and you already made physics for it

i want to add physics to the ribbons 
the weight paint to these is like this
[Image: screenshot__1__by_ecchigamer-dc6scup.png]

[Image: screenshot__2__by_ecchigamer-dc6scud.png]

i want to know that whether it is possible for me to add some of the hair weight to the ribbons ?
Does it work ,Am i making sense or what i'm saying is not viable ?

this is the hair
[Image: screenshot__3__by_ecchigamer-dc6scvj.png]

[Image: screenshot__4__by_ecchigamer-dc6scvk.png]

can i select these hair bones and add a little weight paint to the ribbons ?

if yes then
how much
i mean do i have to add weight paint of 1 (red)
or less like 0.5 or 0.25

i don't know much about weight painting and am still trying to understand how it works by experimenting a little bit

I would like an Apex tutorial specially for SFV, I have a skirt for Chun but have no clue how to animate. There is one on the tube but the assets being used are not like SFV.


I still cannot find any issue with the things you sent me, they look fine, skeleton is also fine. Are you sure that you're converting the DC9 thing to LAR perfectly because you're saying that her physics work fine in UE4 but not in game and manual conversion is the only thing taking place between UE4 and game testing.

If you're not sure then you can do one thing, make a backup of your final Blender file (just for safety) then HEX edit your Blender file to replace every DC9 with LAR, then export your FBX from that Blender file and make a new UE4 project with that.

@Ecchi Gamer

I am free, as long as I can sit on chair Big Grin

You're not making much sense here, why would you like to put hair weights on ribbons ? hair bones bones work around head while ribbon bones work around pelvis so they both are different. If you don't have ribbon bones then you have to make them and attach them with pelvis bone, that's what I did in all bikini mods that have ribbons (specially Cammy Swimsuit), all ribbon bones are new addition to the skeleton (except if you already have some skeleton that has similar ribbons). pelvis ribbon bones are attached with pelvis bone (as parent) and back ribbon bones are attached with chest bone then you do manual rigging of ribbons to these bones because you cannot weight transfer here as these are your own bones not standard bones provided by original skeleton.

Finally you export your FBX and make a new physics asset in UE4 to animate those new bones.


I was working on an APEX tutorial but due to my health issues, modding and everything else stopped. I will resume once I come back and hopefully finish that tutorial too.
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I use the script to change the name, which replaces /DC9/ to /LAR/, _DC9 to _LAR and DC9_ to LAR_ . The script hasn't failed me before on other conversions.

Okay, So I tried hex editing the blender file, and since I was too lazy to remake a new unreal project, I hex edited the unreal files instead. Everything was working normally in unreal under the new LAR name and cooked the files. Still the same issue in game Sad

Pfunk made one on Zetaboards a super long time ago for the Apex standalone app:

You either have to use the Apex standalone app, or a 3DS Max plugin. Standalone app is easier to use, but has some janky issues importing to UE4.
3DS Max one got more updates, but I can't use 3DS at all, so. Pick your poison I guess.



i uploaded a doa5lr mod on deviantart and somebody commented that i should add a little of the thighs weight to breasts

thats what confused me 
could we do that ?
but it was a misunderstanding

he was not at all talking about rigging but about physical weight\mass .lol

wow another milestone of   stupidness   achieved

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