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Useful Modding Resources

Useful Modding Resources

Character Modding Resource Pack 1.2
Character Modding Resource Pack 2.5
Character Modding Resource Pack 3.0
Character Modding Resource Pack 3.4 <- NEW (Falke Update)
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Character Modding Resource Pack Vol 2.5

Hi guys,

So with SFV Arcade Edition and season 3 upon us, I finish one of my responsibilities and provide you Chracter Modding Resource Pack Vol 2.5. I am calling it vol 2.5 because it covers all season 1, 2 and 2.5 characters and costumes and that's how I will number my future releases.

This pack has all the FBX files you need to start modding your favourite character and/or costume, unfortunately with Capcom being so unpredictable about character codes I can no longer provide you any support of renaming the files so you get all FBX files as is and you might have to rename them whenever Capcom decide to change those codes, this was one of the reason why this pack got delayed so many times and why I got frustrated, I had no idea what to do with those codes but now I decided to leave them as it is.

Please note that some costumes might be extracted two times because Capcom keeps changing those codes, in that case you can pick the file which has latest code being used by Capcom. This should be pretty rare but with so many costumes I might have done some mistakes.


If you encounter one of these issues then I can provide support.

1) If you find a missing character or costume then please report me and I'll extract it.
2) Any character or costume with all material names missing. Please note that some material names get missing no matter how you extract the character and those can be fixed by checking the material folder, I cannot provide support there but if you find any FBX file with all material names missing then report back and I'll check it out.
3) Any FBX file giving error on import.


1) APEX based objects not moving.
2) Character code renaming.

* All available in inches.

As always thank you for being so patient with my lazy attitude and supporting me.



Released character modding resource pack 3.0, four Sakura costumes added. Check main post.

@Bloody Rain
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Thanks @BrutalAce I'll get to work on it Smile
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@Bloody Rain

Your most welcome Smile

@BrutalAce Bro, I think you don't have to upload a big archive everytime a new character/costume is released, isn't more practical if you upload just the new fbx files and maybe once in a while you put everything in a new fbx pack ?
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It's a good suggestion bro but then I'll have to maintain a list of folders online, upload FBX files in respective folders every time they release a DLC costume and that is happening a lot. I do all that work on my hard drive and then upload the archive, uploading a single large file is not hard really, the tedious part is the whole UModel -> 3DSMax -> FBX cycle, which gets slightly more annoying with their stupid James Bond codes then checking at least a file or two in Blender to see if they are working fine with correct material names, for some reason it still omit some material names and always contain APEX mess but I still try to make sure that we get good files that can be used for modding without too much clean up to do.

I don't bother updating the archive with every single DLC release, I wait few patches/characters and then update it so in either case I won't do it instantly besides I don't really understand the flux of modding interest whenever a new character release, I mean we see 3 - 4 fast & the furious mods and then the majority goes silent Tongue

In the end grandpa turtle receive questions like, when you're doing some Falke mods ? Big Grin

Show ContentSpoiler:

@BrutalAce I see bro, whatever it suits you better Big Grin I think every new character brings the modding hype with him/her so everyone is eager to see some new mods about it but in the end grandpa turtle is busy with other stuffs xD

Character resource pack updated to version 3.4. I am calling it ver 3.4 because it only contains Falke update (3 FBX files). I haven't included all the costumes that are released between 3.0 and 3.5, probably the CPT, Monster Hunter and those extra battle costumes. I don't think anyone need them in urgency so I'll take some time before extracting them, Falke was more important so I added her. When I'll do ver 3.5 then I'll add all the missing costumes.

See the main post for link.

Thank you!
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@BrutalAce Sorry for necropost, but will you update this pack? I want to create some physics for Kolin and Menat, especially the swimsuits and professional costumes. Cheers mate.

edit: nvrmind, I just figured out how to extract costumes, thanks
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(01-15-2019, 04:28 AM)Eugene Wrote: @BrutalAce  Sorry for necropost, but will you update this pack? I want to create some physics for Kolin and Menat, especially the swimsuits and professional costumes. Cheers mate.

edit: nvrmind, I just figured out how to extract costumes, thanks

@Eugene  There is nothing to apologize for
If you have an old topic, it's normal if you can or want to write something.
To open an extra new topic is garbage! (This is old burdens of days gone by!)

I have allowed this action in my forums for a long time and it animates the forum more than that it kills. Heart 

@BrutalAce same to you and thank you for being so committed!!!

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