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Regular Character Swaps Tutorial

Hi, everyone:

In this tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to swap the items of the regular characters. It needs extracting files and hex-editing, but maybe someone can make a tool so everyone can do this.
In this example I'm gonna give Hilde's color 1 the full Crown Princess outfit.

Tools needed:

-Extract Tool: Files and tutorial here.
-uModel: To see the files and folders of the game. Useful to know which files correspond to which item.
aes key: QyNTD(BsaNlg_)q2uO96blfz%tNCy#.gKo*y7JpYe6U(TL,M#~88Pkqs/l0~x,gc
-HxD: Or any other hex-editor.
-upak: To create your .pak file.

Where is the info:

-Start extracting the files as in the tutorial I linked above.

The files that set which items each character wear are in the "Chara/RegularProfile" folder (DLC characters have similar folders in their respective DLC folders).
There is a file for each color, so you can have 2-4 different sets (character depending).

Hilde's folder is "SoulCaliburVI/Content/DLC/07/Chara/RegularProfile".
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Editing the file:

We need to hex-edit the .uexp file for the color we want. In this case it's gonna be "RP_028.uexp" (Hilde's color 1).

Recreate the folder structure and copy the file there.
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-Open the file in your hex-editor and scroll down a bit and you'll find the references for the different parts of that costume (including naked parts). Notice that "Content" is called "Game" in these files.
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-Now just replace the references for the ones you want. Notice that the file name is duplicated after a ".", you have to duplicate it too.
  • This can be used for items, hairstyles, faces and bodies.
  • The new item will have the character's proportions.
  • The new item will have it's default colors.
  • This method is 100% compatible with item replacement mods. The modded item will appear.

There are some limitations, though:
  • The number of slots the costume has. Notice that not all colors have the same number of slots.
  • Swapping extra items with non-extra items makes the game crash.
  • Depending on the slots that you use, the items may break in a different way.
  • The swapped items retain their color, so if the new item has skin it will retain the skin color too, creating seams.
  • Regular characters don't have a full body, so you can create holes. If necessary, you can use CaS body (Female:"/Game/Parts/Nude/nude_001_f.nude_001_f". Male:"/Game/Parts/Nude/nude_001_m.nude_001_m"), but you may find the skin color issue.
  • You can use male items on females and vice-versa, but they don't match.
  • The lenght of the routes.
About the lenght of the routes:

The size of the file must not change.
  • If the new item's route has the same lenght than the old one, then just replace it.
  • If it's shorter just fill with 00 (zeros) the extra letters.
  • But what happens if the route is longer?
That's why I created this file.
Place it in your ~mods folder.

I created Parts folders with shorter routes for every item (Character and CaS) and a file to add all of them to the game. An update will be required after every DLC is released.
So if you need a shorter route, you can use the one from this file.
You can see the route and name of the files with uModel (I didn't change the name of the files, just the folders in which they are).

For Crown Princess Helmet the route is "/Game/Parts/Head/head_228_f.head_228_f"
Repeat the same for all the items.
Show ContentSpoiler:

Creating the .pak file:

The file is created the usual way:
-Copy the "SoulCaliburVI" folder you created in the "upak" folder and drag it to  "DROP_MOD_FOLDER_HERE.bat".
-It will create a file inside the "pak" folder. Move it to your "~mods" folder and it's ready to go.
Show ContentSpoiler:
There it is: Hilde in her modded Crown Princess outfit.

-Regular characters may have shadows painted in their textures. To fix this issue I created this file. It will remove the shadows from all characters.
-If you want a part to disappear, just write a wrong name or path.

[Image: XHRftsC.jpg]

[Image: JdLQSXS.jpg]

[Image: WVublW7.jpg]

[Image: WPYqKpb.jpg]

[Image: 71k9vyj.jpg]
Setsuka (color 4 is default - with Sega's mod)

As you can see, even CDLCs can be used in the same way.

There are more limitation than CAS, but it's fun.
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