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Mod manager

Did Fluffy stop supporting SFV? I no longer even see Street Fighter V listed as a game choice in FLuffy Mod Manger anymore

I copy the text from my edited post in the previous thread you asked, in case you don't see it.

The latest version (v2.200) downloaded from below link does still have SFV as one of its supported games
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thanks not sure what happened SFV was replaced in the game list with Custom Game 1 I ended up just redownloading and that fixed it
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(07-30-2019, 09:39 PM)FluffyQuack Wrote: I did yet another huge overhaul to the mod manager recently.

The biggest change is very apparent, I re-did the entire UI:
[Image: Modmanager_2019-07-30_23-30-08-020.png]

In addition to that, it has these changes:
  • "Re-read game archives" now scans "AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\download\Replacement" for PAK files.
  • A warning will be displayed if currently selected mod will overwrite files from an installed mod.
  • You can now drag'n'drop mods in RAR format onto the mod manager window to add it to the mod list.
  • Scroll bar!
  • Basic mod tagging sytem (which checks for "category=blahblah" in the modinfo.ini file).
  • Added a caching system for the mod list. If you had a lot of mods (for instance, more than 50), it could take several seconds for the mod manager to boot up. Now it's always instant.
  • Mod manager now checks online if a new version is available whenever it boots up.
As with last time, I haven't actually thoroughly tested SF5 support, but it should still be fine. If something is broken, then let me know.

update is sweet,

I've uploaded a new version of the mod manager. More information here:

None of the new features are related to SF5, so there's no reason to upgrade besides various misc improvements to the mod manager itself.

I should note that I've started to host mods on my webhost which my mod manager can directly download from. If any modder wants their mods available the same way and you structure mods with a modinfo.ini and a preview screenshot, then let me know.
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(08-25-2017, 05:14 PM)FluffyQuack Wrote: Download link:

Basic instructions:
  • Extract modmanager.rar anywhere.
  • Run modmanager.exe once and choose SF5 as game.
  • Move mods into "Games\SF5\Mods" where the mod manager is extracted (if the mods are contained in RAR files, you can simply drag'n'drop them onto the mod manager window).
  • While the mod manager is running, click on "Mod list" to the right, and then click on mods to install or uninstall them. 

Important notes: 
  • Each time the game gets patched, you should uninstall all mods via the mod manager, click on "Re-read game archives", and then you should be good to go to install mods again. If you had any mods while the game got patched, the same steps should work, but you might wanna check file integrity on steam to be on the safe side. 
  • Some people are releasing mods in PAK format. These can be installed via the mod manager (they'll need the directory structure "StreetFighterV\Content\Paks"). But it's not recommended you ever manually place PAK files in the same directory as official PAK files for the game (~mods directory is fine) while also installing mods via mod manager. Some mods in PAK format might not function correctly without manually updating dlc.manifest and moving the patch PAK file.
  • It's recommended you don't have the game installed in "program files" in case Windows refuses read/write access to files there (if you run mod manager as admin, this shouldn't be an issue). 

Here's a sample mod I made which reverts some of the "censored" camera angles for Cammy, Chun-Li, and R.Mika:

The mod manager expects mods to reflect the directory structure of the game itself. Basically, the first directory within any mod would be "StreetFighterV" as this is what the game itself has. You can check my mod as an example.

For mod creators, you can create a "modinfo.ini" with basic information about the mod which will be shown in the mod manager when highlighting the mod. You can also have a screenshot of the mod called screenshot.jpg (can also be png) which will be shown as you highlight the mod. If you want an example, download my mod above and everything should be pretty self-explanatory by looking at how its set up.

The main thread for the mod manager is over at Resident Evil modding forums: - If you want detailed update information for the mod manager, you'll get it there. (The download link in the start of this post will always link to the latest version of the mod manager.)

If people want some detailed information how the mod manager installs mods, here you go:
  • When installing a mod it'll start copying files to where the game is installed. If it finds files in the same location, it'll create a backup of those files before overwriting them (unless they're files copied from another mod installed by the mod manager). 
  • As part of the install process, it'll check if the file's filepath corresponds to any filepath within any of the PAK archives. If it finds a match, it'll invalidate the filepath so the game will fail to find the file within the PAK archives, and load the version outside the PAK archives instead.
  • When uninstalling mods, it does similar steps in reverse. It'll remove modded files (restore a backup if an original file was in the same location), and fix any matching invalidated filepaths in PAK archives.

After trying to follow everything as closely as I could, I couldn't get anything to work. :/

(07-22-2020, 08:37 AM)defeatedsoul Wrote: After trying to follow everything as closely as I could, I couldn't get anything to work. :/

I'm not active in the SF5 modding scene so it might be hard for me to help you. I know there are multiple ways to mod SF5, and my mod manager relies on a specific method where it copies over assets and invalidates paths in PAK files rather than copying over a PAK file, so maybe that mod would need to be repackaged to work with my mod manager.

Check the thread below (spoiler box #2) for how to use MM

Then if the mod you are trying to install but it's only available in PAK file format, check the thread below on how to unpack the PAK file to become loose file format

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