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What track title do I need to extract for Hammerhead stage?stage theme?

Hey sorry if this is the wrong place to post/ask this. 
I'm extracting wem music files from the tekken pak folders, pakchunk0-windowsnoeditor.pak and pakchunk0-windowsnoeditor_p.pak.

I've been combing through the files for hours now but I can't seem to find the song 'Stand Your Ground' which is used on the Hammerhead stage.

I have foobar2000 setup so I can quickly scroll through and listen to the extracted wem files.  I've sorted the wem files by song duration and checked every song between 1 and 5 minutes in length about 6 times now. I found the other song used on the Hammerhead stage but I can't seem to locate Stand Your Ground. 

Does anyone here have the wem file for 'Stand Your Ground' or could you let me know what the id# for the song is so I can extract it myself? 

The wems with  id# 49852833 and 913296247 are the only two sound files which I can't seem to play, is it one of those?

Bumping because it's been a month.
Does anyone know which wem file is for the song, 'Stand Your Ground?'

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