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UI 2D Texture Modding: Export, Edit, Convert and Import/Inject back to Uasset

I'm assuming you already know how to locate or already have the .uasset file you want to work on, as well as knowing how to create .paks or a folder structure to make your mod usable

Things you'll need:

Unreal viewer and exporter:

To edit the 2D textures:

DDS Plugin to save edited texture:
Photoshop DDS Plugin (mine's older, still the same though)
Gimp DDS Plugin

Hex Editor when injecting back to Uasset:

1.) Assuming you already have the .uasset that you want to mod, open the .uasset with umodel.exe and export it as .tga (Tools > Export Current Object)
Also keep note of the Format, in this case it's PF_B8G8R8A8 which I think is associated with UI textures.
[Image: 4fQHiiX.png]

2.) Open the .tga file on photoshop/GIMP. Do your edits as much as you like here, even saving it as a .PSD if you want.
[Image: YrogMvj.png]

3.) Once you're done, resave it as .tga then save it as .dds. If you're working on .psd, It's critical you go in this order: .psd > .tga > .dds, as saving directly from .psd to .dds may give you an error.
[Image: jUP7Oxn.png]

There will be a pop up for the DDS compression settings. Key settings here for a PF_B8G8R8A8 format are: ARGB 32bpp and NO MIP MAPS. This goes for other UI stuff too.
[Image: 8SM7eO8.png]

4) Open the .dds file on Photoshop/GIMP and edit again. The conversion to .dds may strip stuff that you made (see below) so it's best to do your finalization on this edit. You can copy anything you've done before to here, just be careful on retaining some of the .dds conversion's transparencies that you may want to keep (like the clear opacity borders around the numbers). After you're done, repeat step 3 to re-save it as .dds again. You can even skip step 2 altogether and just edit the .dds file straight away, however you may miss a few things that can only be seen on the .tga format.
[Image: CT9QbAa.png]

5.) From this point on, you can use this guide ( to inject this .dds file back to .uasset using a hex editor. After that, you're ready to use your mod! Enjoy!
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