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Weird Physics Issue With Laura Mod + Dhalsim Mesh Swap

I recently applied an old mod that I found (Barefoot Laura By Brutal Ace), so old the files were named "B74" instead of "LAR". And because I wanted to, mesh swapped it with Dhalsim. Surprisingly, all of these things worked except for one issue linked in the video below: 

Barefoot Laura Physics Video

By comparison, I applied another mod to both Laura and a Laura swapped Dhalsim and had no issue:

Long Hair and Makeup Physics

It's been over four years since I actually used that mod, having only found it recently but based off these, I'm assuming it's the jiggle physics causing the knot in the first mod to go haywire, and only in combination with Dhalsim. So I'm trying to figure out what my options are in fixing this issue. Is there anyway for me to turn off or tone down the physics without having to manually edit the mod in unreal myself? Are there any mods or files on this website on here that could help me? 

I guess my other option could be swapping Laura's hair with the mod that doesn't have the weird physics if the object swapping method still works? If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it, if you'd like to look at the extracted files yourself, you can download it here:

Mega Upload Link

UPDATE: Nevermind, I fixed it. I took the lazy route and swapped Glitchy Laura's uasset file with the base Laura's and now it works.

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