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[Tutorial] How to pack a mod into a .pak file

Video by ilovesfv

Alternate download link for u4pak:!sE4n1TaR!kE7cvzLPEku5g...t7iYgIDIt0

NOTE: The same way can also be applied for Tekken 7 and maybe MvCI too.

The video no longer exists.. I can exctract pak but I can't seem to work out how to repak them.. Sad

Usually you gonna have more reliable result if you copy the mod folder (the one you drag into the "DROP_MOD_FOLDER_HERE-SFV" bat file) into the u4pak folder first.

(01-02-2018, 12:58 PM)SUPERVERITECH Wrote: The video no longer exists.. I can exctract pak but I can't seem to work out how to repak them.. Sad

To make a mod a PAK file:

1.)  Copy u4pak.exe into the root of a specific mod's folder (which should include the StreetFighterV/Content/Chara.. folders).

[Image: ofEmCb0.jpg]

2.)  Hold SHIFT > Right Click any empty space in that folder > Open Command Prompt (or Open PowerShell, something similar ie; a command prompt).

3.)  Type u4pak.exe pack name_of_mod.pak StreetFighterV, hit Enter.

You should now have a PAK version of the mod in that same root folder.
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heelo need help
I recently installed W10 and I want to make .pak files but I do not recognize the u4pak but I try to install it. What I can do?
[Image: 00_by_siegfried129-dbo5o3p.gif]

I don't use Win10 so I am not sure, but it maybe caused by Windows Defender (the built-in antivrus program from Windows) blocks the u4pak program as it probably classifies the u4pak as malware (it's false alarm).

i need help i have a MM Street Fighter V folder with a mod in it, but i dont necessarily know the name of the mod. i'm trying to use the u4pak method in powershell by just using the name of the folder i have it in, but its not working. what can i do? @robhal

u4pak.exe pack nameoffolder.pak StreetFighterV

isnt working

i pasted the upak exe in the right place and the street fighter v folder has the content folder inside of it

Sometimes the u4pak program doesn't work properly with the mod folder with long path, so make sure the path is not too long such as "C:\u4pak" (no quote ofc) and usually it's better if you copy/move the mod folder you want to pak into the u4pak folder (the example earlier). So in your case, the path is gonna be like this: "C:\u4pak\[mod folder] (any name is okay)\StreetFighterV\.." (again, no quote).

got it to work thx!1

Not familiar with PowerShell as I never use it, but have you tried using the regular command prompt (cmd) instead?

they are one in the same on windows 10

ppwershell = cmd window

Oh, don't know that as I still use Windows 7 and in here CMD and Power Shell are separate. Anyway, I can't think of other things atm that can help you so I am sorry, maybe someone with Win10 can help you later.

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