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Arcade Mode Mod

Does anyone here know if it's possible to mod one of the Arcade Modes (Like Street Fighter I) to make a fixed costume line up of characters, costumes, colors and stages?

Is this possible? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I've been experimenting with this.  Arcade mode files are here:


Mode1 = SF1 - 10 characters, 4 matches
Mode2 = SF2 - 14 characters, 8 matches
Mode3 = SFA - 21 characters, 10 matches
Mode4 = SF3 - 11 characters, 6 matches
Mode5 = SF4 - 20 characters, 8 matches
Mode6 = SFV - 39 characters, 10 matches

CharaSelectTableData.uasset = The available characters on the select screen.
CourceData.uasset = Paths to the select/vs/win etc. music files
LogoBackgroundMat.uasset = I don't know what this is yet.
LogoBG.uasset = The character select background texture
MenuImage.uasset =  The logo on the arcade mode path menu.
StageData.uasset = The characters you fight in the game, and the stages they're assigned to.

You can change the characters and stages  by editing CharaSelectTableData.uasset and StageData.uasset.
Open both files in a hex editor and find the codes for each character you want to change. They're pretty obvious, the character code surrounded by dots (....CNL...., etc.) In the StageData file the character code is followed in sequence by their stage code. You can overwrite the codes with the ones you want.

Arcade mode loads the costumes that are appropriate for each character in the respective game, Such as Chun Li's SFA costume (08) for SFA, Guile's nostalgia costume (02) for SF2 and SFA, etc. If you swap the character, the game will still load the costume file number for the character you replaced. For example,in SF2 Dhalsim uses the nostalgia costume 06, so if you replace DSM with JRI, the game will load Juri in her 06 costume.  I don't know what byte assigns the costumes for each character, so for now you have to mod Juri's 06 DataAsset files to point to the costume you want her in.

The music for each stage is usually the character's personal BGM file (located in the character's sound directory) but some stages (Both Thailand stages in SF2 for example) use the stage BGM file. So if you want to change the music you have to do your audio mods on those files.

I haven't figured out how the bosses are loaded. In SF1 arcade mode, I swapped Ken with Chun Li (KEN to CNL) in the CharaSelectTableData and Stage Data files, and I can play SF1 with Chun Li, but the boss is always Ryu in his B-Boy costume. (costume 08, makes sense as Sagat's SF1 costume is 08)

The bosses seem to have something to do with the Rival_BossXX.uasset files, located in Arcade/CommonData/RivalData.
There are references to Rival_Boss10 and Rival_Boss11 in the StageData file, and I've swapped all instances of RYU from the chara select, stage data, Rival_Boss 1,2, 10, 11 and test files, and still it loads Ryu in the B-Boy costume as the SF1 boss. I plan to swap RYU with a different character in all the other Rival_Boss files,(there are 30) maybe it's reading from one of them. But I don't have time for that now.

Also, I don't know where the byte is that stores how many matches are in each mode. I hate only fighting 4 characters before the bosses in SF2, I want to fight all 12 characters like the original game! I've been looking for it, but no luck.

So, this is as much as I've figured out so far. I don't have much time to mess with it right now so if anyone else can figure out the missing info that would make me happy.
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