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Is a 2-color editing tool coming out for the Tracksuits?

title. Was gonna edit tracksuits for friends.

I don't think so, it will have be done the hex editing way for now

I'm sure there's SOME way to edit the track suits (hex swap with a different customizesetting file, mod it onto another slot entirely) but I'd have to think on it in terms of the simplest way to go about it.

You can swap the customize setting file with another one so you can edit the colors but then you still only get two slots.
Been toying around with swapping it to another costume slot, and then replacing the tracksuit customize setting file. 

Here's the tracksuit over Ryu's megaman costume. Now he has 10 slots (but the colorization is limited).
[Image: 20200103043829-1.jpg]
So it can be done without the color edit tool but it's a pain in the ass. You're better off just doing a full swap to another slot at this point.

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