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Does anyone know where Sagat's nostalgia costume is?

I can't find Sagat's nostalgia costume. It looks like 08, but that's the classic costume. (SF1)  It isn't in the Z31 directory, and it isn't in the DLC paks. Z31/Skelmesh/09/ is missing, but I tried a mod using 09 and it didn't work. Z31/Skelmesh/10/ is the Red Bull costume.

Sagat's nostalgia costume is 04, and it's inside the huge "pakchunk68-WindowsNoEditor.pak" file.

Ah, okay. I looked at the 04 model in umodel and saw it had pants and combat boots, so I assumed 04 wasn't it. I didn't realize that was an additional mesh that gets turned off.

Thanks for replying!

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