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Automatic Costume Slot Conversion Script


That is odd. That is all what that error means. it cannot find it, but you do have it in your screenshot. unless its in the wrong folder which I doubt that is the case, I am unsure what is wrong.

If I upload the folder structure, would you be willing to take a look at it?



OK, here is a file, it has the whole file structure I used to make the .pak, and also the modified script I am using.  Thanks for looking at it.


Figured out your issue. it was the line I told you to add. you accidently added a space at the end


If I highlight mine, It doesn't have any space at the end

[Image: Untitleda.jpg]

If I highlight yours, there is a space at the end

[Image: Untitled.jpg]

that extra space was added everywhere as a result messing up the file so that it couldn't find the CostumeColorPreview file

Oh, thank you.  In your original message, it had a space in it too, and I had just copied and pasted it.  Just for future reference, you might want to edit the post, and remove the space, so anyone else reading the post will not have the same problem.

On an unrelated note, how do I add an image in a post, like you did?

It worked great after that, thanks again!

One other question, I know I am swapping this with Dhalsim, and normally, he does not have eyes, but is there a way to not have the grey eyes with the Chun-Li swap top Dhalsim?  The script last line shows replace with the CNL eyelens, and it makes no difference.

Thanks, Mapsking


It's just the way this site works. if you drag your mouse to select the text, but keep you mouse within the line, there wont be an extra space, but if you move your mouse a little bit below, it adds a space for some reason.

just type

[*img] before the link, (remove the *)

and [*/img] after the link. (remove the *)

or just click preview post and there will be an insert image button.

the grey eye issue is because eye materials are in a separate folder


include the CM_CNL_EyeLens_Common.uasset file in the pak as well, and remove that last line in the script since its not needed if the eyelens is in the pak.

Thank you, I modified the FCE files, added the common eyelens, and now it is working great!  Thanks so much!

[Image: vvH1yvH.jpg]

[Image: bk13f4r.jpg]

[Image: WbUowWR.jpg]

[Image: rPCIM5k.jpg]

[Image: tTOVEDn.jpg]

[Image: RBXYYkD.jpg]
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you're welcome Smile

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