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Automatic Costume Slot Conversion Script

This is a script that can convert a mod to a different costume slot

C9- to C9- guide

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C9- to C10+ or 10+ to 10+ guide

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C10+ to C9- guide

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There are a few example scripts I have included. just open up the pak file of the mod (must contain every file of the costume, if not make a new pak with all the files of the costume (except in the case of c1 to ad costume, all files are not necessary since they share the same files)) with XVI32, then open the script by clicking XVIscript > editor...

Then open one of the scripts and change the character and costume numbers in the script for the conversion you need (you can save it as a separate script so you can use it again if you make another conversion for same character and slots.

Execute the script then save. the pak should now be converted.

For conversions requiring costumes 10+

Use one of the 10+ examples provided. In addition to changing the character and costume numbers in the script, you must also change a hex value in the following line

REPLACE ** 00 00 00 0B BY ** 00 00 00 0B

replace ** with the specific hex for that costume number. check the list below for translation

00 = C1 to 9
0B = C10
0C = C11
0D = C12
0E = C13
0F = C14
10 = C15
11 = C16
12 = C17
13 = C18
14 = C19
15 = C20
16 = C21
17 = C22
18 = C23
19 = C24
20 = C25
21 = C26
22 = C27
23 = C28
24 = C29
25 = C30

For 10+ to 9- swaps,

before using the script, you must delete the DA_XXX_Costume_XX.uasset and DA_XXX_PreviewCostume_XX files from the mod and take the ones from the slot you are converting to (c4 to c9 only) and add them to the pack before running the script

if you are converting to c1 to c3, you must take those two files from either c4 to c9 and run a 9- script on those 2 individual files, then add them to the pack before running the script

For female characters, their specific eyelens code must be specified in all conversions

Eye Lens Codes (Applicable only to females)

POISON - Z33_01_E00
LUCIA - Z35_01_E00

List of costume numbers and codes
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Nice bro, and btw I am not sure about this but apparently this thread of yours is the #1000th thread of the forum (judging from the address link on web browser), so another congrats Wink
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lol, thanks Tongue Didn't know we actually had that many threads made on this forum.
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Lol indeed, but most probably it's because of those spam threads that we delete almost everyday Big Grin
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ill try to swam my KHALEDANTAR666 skins. well i cant find this adress

i need video instruction


change the values in green

[Image: lCZsDoW.jpg]

thanks, but i stii nothing understood. i havent work with hex editor. and i need instruction with step by step explaintions

i need swap modded skins to other place. i can't understand how can i do this option. i need my own build and this picture nothing explain


Don't quite understand your question

(10-27-2019, 05:06 PM)bbb Wrote: @Alexnewbie

Don't quite understand your question

i need instruction. not a picture. or pictures with step by step instuctions


Should reply with new post instead of editing after I replied. Original post was much more vague.

You don't need to do actual hex editing, you just need to open the script as explained in the first post, then change the script to fit what you need

I highlighted all the things that need changing and wrote what they need to be changed to

This is for the 10+ costumes

[Image: rBYHJR2.jpg]

9- costumes is kind of the same, just less stuff to change
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omg! good picture. thank you,bro
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how to convert .xsc to .pak?


you don't convert a .xsc to pak. .xsc is a script you run with XVI32.exe to convert pre-existing paks

Hey, so how do I find out the new character name for 10+ conversions except for Chun and Juri (JRI to Z09 <--- this one).
For Cammy in particular.

Unless someone tell you (which is kind of hassle to do that everytime), the only way is to extract the game files instead and check them by yourselves. If you want to do lot of swaps, it's very recommended to have your own modding resource (aka the game files that you need to extract, especially the costume files) because you will need them soon or later. Not to mention that to utilize this automatic script, you will need all the costume files (modded or not) inside the pak file you want to run the script onto, then there is also matter of some mods only come with the modified files so before running the script, you will need to include the original / unmodified files first (which again come from the game files you need to extract). So the summary is "always have your own modding resource files in handy by your own".
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