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Offtopic Discussion

2020 might become one the most memorable year in my modding career 

[Image: a_memorable_year_to_mod_by_monkeygigabus...mmU1j-r5Vo]

Being able to mod Dissidia Final Fantasy and Tekken 7 is like a dream comes true 
Looking forward to more fighting /brawler game in the future to mod
[Image: XraiYnJ.jpg]
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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 !!!!!!!!

May we leave the "not so good" year 2020 and move forward to the "hopefully better" year 2021.
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still 8 hours early for where I live, but Happy New Year Smile
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Happy new year my friends! Hope this one will be better than 2020 and wish you all the best Big Grin
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Happy New Year from Estonia!!!
[Image: iz5LICs.gif]
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Here, in Spain, we've just reach the new year so...


Hopefully 2021 will be better than that awful 2020.

[Image: FMClx4D.jpg]
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]
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Happy New Year all Smile
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What do you guys think? Will it be a good home for future modding?
Apart from lewding fighting games, I also genuinely love playing them.
No other genre features a bunch of playable characters, each with their unique set of moves and gameplay feel.
Unfortunately there has been a lack of good, moddable 2D fighting games, which is the subgenre I prefer.
Sprite-based games and Arc System Works' stretchy model games only offer limited moddability.
Other game companies try to make their characters look as unappealing as possible and/or try to restrict customers' freedom from enjoying their games however they want. Rolleyes

Apparently KOFXV will run on Unreal Engine, so there is a possibility.
I like the graphics style and the jiggle seems to indicate that they haven't lost their way.
Hopefully SNK will be too focused on becoming successful that they won't crack down on their customers.
I mean they did show Mai naked in one of their older titles, even if it was her backside.
My main concern is that this game will die off in a short amount of time.
However, with Samurai Shodown, SNK also seem to have jumped on the season pass bandwagon.
Now I'm personally not even that interested in being spoon-fed content for years to come, but it will provide a larger player base that will stick around for a number of years.
Unfortunately I doubt the "just release the full game at launch" mantra is viable for today's online multiplayer games.
Most people just lose interest quickly when there's nothing new and there won't be an influx of new players post-release to keep the game alive.
No long-term post-release content also generally means faster release cycles, and nobody likes their game feeling obsolete when they haven't even fully explored it to their hearts' content.
Of course the danger is that they'll release a half-baked barebones title, but that didn't seem to be case with KOFXIV at least. (It had 50 characters at launch. My )

Anyway, would love to see your responses. There's at least one other title for which I hold similar hope.

Also, Angel is best girl.
[Image: angel-2002k.gif]
[Image: wPQB1xK.png]
That feeling when your own mod hits just right.
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To see a new title after a while is nice but boy you would be surprised by would want to acquire controlling stake on SNK:
[Image: iz5LICs.gif]
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Personally i'm pretty happy with the graphics.

Kof 14 at launch had quite a gap between key-art and what was actually in-game (cinematics were better, but more cartoon-esque and cheated with pre-rendered stuff). The 2.0 update closed the gap with much higher quality textures (with even veins in the white of the eye visible).
But the shader was still very bad - except under extreme circumstances of having a sun or thunder behind you, colors were not vibrant enough and shadows not defined enough.

While SNK-Heroines and Samsho did a lot better, they have their own visual identity and do their own things. It's not like the photo booth filter/shoujo manga aesthetic of snk heroines or the crisscrossing shadows + oil highlights + dark ink outline, trails and hit-effects of samsho would carry over to kof. Hell, looking at Genjuro even samsho male char  proportions are Baki lvl of exaggerated and wouldn't carry over. They were not good indicators of what to expect.

So I was pleasantly surprised kof 15 trailer. It appears to fully match the 14-era key-art (as the artists are the same: ogura, yumi saji), while having bright colors and well defined shadows. But those short cuts in the trailer were eyecandy closeups : supers, intros, winquotes, even a short cinematic. Actual gameplay still remain to be seen.

14 mechanics addressed the main complains people had about 13: ex moves coming out of nowhere, neutral max mode being useless, strategic use of drive being uni-dimensional as it had a dedicated bar not shared by other options.  But 14 autocombos were close to useless, and were badly received.
My wild guess is that they will use 14 as a base, but will either take autocombos out entirely or re-design them to work in another way.

Super Baby 2 showcase in Dragon Ball FighterZ is out, the gameplay starts at 20:32 

EDIT:Another gameplay is out:

[Image: iz5LICs.gif]
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Just bought Dragonball fighter z on sale, but found out the only way to use mods is to disable anti cheat and rename the exe. is it possible to play online with mods at all? I heard some rumour that you can play online against others who have disabled anti cheat as well, can anyone confirm this?

New trailers have been dropped for Resident Evil Village/8:

[Image: iz5LICs.gif]
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