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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 12-13-2018

(12-13-2018, 03:23 PM)Ouji Wrote: @addysun If I want to use custom textures using your method (by HEX editing the cross-referenced materials), the referenced character will be affected too, right? So if cross-reference Necalli's materials and change the textures that correspond to it, Necalli will be affected too, right? That's somewhat problematic.

Correct, that's why I only mentioned emission materials.

The proper way to use it would be to not touch texture files. So like Necalli is a perfect example with his v-trigger hair material, because the UV layout doesn't reaalllly matter for emission. So you just put your UV layout on the color mask of necalli's hair textures, shrink them down etc. how you want and it works. Definitely don't touch necallis textures though or itll mess his model up.

It's also really good for other materials that don't use textures. Like nash's glasses or rashids scouter lens stuff.

If you want to take another characters materials and edit the textures, you have to copy and change the HEX values.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ouji - 12-13-2018

@addysun I thought so Smile
Well, thanks for your clarification. I'm sure I'll find use for it, but so far, I'm fine with doing the hex editing method.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - allthewaythrough - 12-16-2018

Found a bunch of .uassets in StreetFighterV\Content\MenuAsset\AdvertiseGFx. Now how would one go about modding them? Main point of interest is the loading ad image before the match starts.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Michelangel0 - 12-16-2018

Please, help can you confirm that these methods works currently? I'm pulling my hairs out trying to make ANY METHOD to work, PMM, MM, placing the ~mods, everything seems to be useless, there is no change at all. WHAT IS THE CURRENT METHOD THAT WORKS AS TODAY DECEMBER 16th???? HELP!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - The Nibbler - 12-16-2018

The ~mods folder works just fine for me (except R Mika slot C6 which just won't swap for me for some reason).
Is your ~mods directory inside the directory for pak files? Are the mods in .palk format?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - addysun - 12-17-2018

ModManager and dropping paks in the ~mods folder both work. You mind taking some screenshots of your setup and posting them?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 12-25-2018

Just replying some of the older comments


You can control the intensity of glow by putting another layer of mesh (preferably by duplicating) on top of glow mesh and make the top layer semi transparent. That's how I controlled it on Rashid Back To The Future mod. Pretty much everything is possible in modding this game, you just need to be creative with what you have.


As far as I remember, I did mentioned how to make collision capsules/envelopes in my physics tutorial. It might be old now but I think I mentioned that.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ouji - 12-26-2018

Heyo everyone. I have a texture-baking related question. So basically, I've been creating custom textures by baking them in Blender (twice for textures that have Alpha layers) and editing them in Photoshop afterwards when necessary. Is there a way to baking the textures AND their Alpha layers together and properly? Basically, I have been doing the baking process twice and been merging the baked Alpha layers with the baked textures in Photoshop, but it's somewhat annoying as I feel like there is a better way. Also, when I bake textures Any help would be much appreciated  Huh

PS. When I attempt to bake the TGA textures using the Alpha feature in Blender, the output image includes the wrong Alpha layer or bakes the textures incorrectly.


[Image: Example.png]

I have another simple question too: can I use textures with emission materials (reworked via Hex).

@BrutalAce That's really creative! I should totally experiment with that.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 12-27-2018


I don't understand your question, does your baked file doesn't come out with Alpha?

What's wrong when you use TGA format?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ouji - 12-27-2018

@BrutalAce Let me rephrase Smile
When I bake my textures using the settings I've specified, the baked Alpha channel turns out incorrect. It basically just highlights the whole texture for some reason excluding the background.

In order to get correct Alpha, I create new textures with ONLY the Alpha channel parts from the original Colour/SRMA/SSS TGA (individually of course) COPIED to the normal layers and then export them without any actual Alpha. I'll just call these new textures the 'fake' Alpha textures.
Finally, I bake both the original Col/SRMA/SSS and the 'fake' Alpha textures seperately and then merge the outcome of the two separate baking processes (for each Col, SRMA and SSS) using Photoshop.

Hope that's clear. Is there an easier way? :/

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 12-29-2018


Hmm. I think I understand what you're talking about, when you bake a texture with alpha layer then Blender mix the alpha layer with RGB layers instead of baking alpha in it's own channel. Honestly speaking I haven't tried hard to fix it, I just do what you're doing and bake them separately and then combine in PS though it would be nice to have Blender bake all layers properly.

I think we can separate alpha layer from RGB channels in PS. I am basing my theory on the fact that PNG images also have transparency merged with RGB channels and it's possible to separate that so it should be possible to do the same with the file baked by Blender (if it bakes/merge transparency properly). I have to try that before I can confirm, I'll let you know shortly.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Pai_ - 12-29-2018

Thanks Brutal I played around with the settings and figured it out, thanks a lot mate. Also that new mod you just released.. wow.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ouji - 12-29-2018

@BrutalAce Take your time! So far, I don't really mind doing it the harder way, but it's getting kinda tedious xD

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - ChubbyT - 12-31-2018

Hi! I’m new here(and to modding in general). I have been trying to make some character mods but failing miserably. I hope someone could help but pretty much the problem i am getting right now is when importing the fbx file in UE:
_ There is no physic asset (or whatever the name is)
_ When assigning materials to the mesh, the model is tiny and is unseeable.
I think the 2 problems are related since when importing the mesh it says something like can’t associate physic asset with bone because model is too small (I don’t remember exactly). BTW I am using an addon to directly import psk to blender though I doubt it’s the cause because I didn’t get this problem the first time I tried to create a character mod(that time I realized I messed up the textures a bit late).
I hope someone has a solution and thanks in advance.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ouji - 01-01-2019

@ChubbyT In UE4, did you generate a PhysicsAsset before exporting the mod??

[Image: Screenshot-45.png]

Btw, the generated Physics Asset needs to be renamed according to the original character Physics.
If you're making a basic mod, just dispose of the PhysicsAsset (from the cooked character folder not UE4) after you cook your mod. If you need to 'animate' custom physics, follow BrutalAce's guide
Also, make sure you export the character in Blender according to the specifications mentioned in UncleFestor's tutorial. Finally, make sure you maintain the folder structure mentioned in Ecchi Gamer's video.

Hope that helps Smile
If you need more help, just post some screenshots of your Blender and UE4 workflow and tag me, I'll attempt to help as much as I can.