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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - bonebreak - 06-27-2018

I'm not sure what the deal is but my game was messed up. Codys model on the VS screen was like a shadow. In game he looked fine. I also couldnt get any fight money to unlock by doing his trials or his story costume to unlock by finishing his story. I removed my ~mods folder completely relaunched the game and things work now.

The only ui mods I was using was sunny days and the colors character portraits on top. Everything else was a character skin. 66 total files were in my ~mods folder

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Rufio - 06-27-2018

Is there a way to make a character's model completely transparent/invisible  on both the character select screen and in fight?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 06-27-2018



Does anyone know what changed with falke c1 that cause my gothic mod face to completely break during battle, but act fine in character select?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 06-27-2018


This is the problem. Notice how her leg strings are misaligned and her tiara is going insider her head.

[Image: EuvcGlV.png]

Now if I pack the whole CMN folder before Cody patch as PAK and put it in ~mods folder as a mod then it fix the issue.

[Image: NTIKmWU.png]

But another problem starts to happen, if you move the character to either corner then he/she becomes small like aspect ratio is disturbed.

[Image: tZ4mOTZ.png]

So judging by the things, it looks like they changed something major and that's related to both camera angles and materials, I could be wrong but when I compared old CMN folder with new CMN folder, many files got changed with considerable file size differences.

Some mods are affected harder

[Image: tXhjChR.jpg]

The other Sakura mod from THEJAMK is also affected but to a lesser degree, you need to move her to very corner to see the problem, her eyeshadow mesh goes out of eye. That's the same problem I also faced last night with my Sakura Fortune Bikini and started investigating.

And it's not related to 3DSMax or Blender because THEJAMK make mods using 3DSMax while I do the same with Blender and we are experiencing same issue with Sakura mod made on her C1 so it's something else.

I have yet to work on few solutions that are going in my head to see what will fix this but I don't think I am going back and fixing every single mod the hard way, if it requires some mesh change then I am not doing it. I might also give up from modding for sometime because Capcom is playing like kids with Unreal Engine, every second patch they change the core of the game so I am not playing catch up with their stupid experiments.


You need to delete the patch files named VerXXXXXX_Steam from PAKs folder where XXXXXX is the number, you just need to keep one file in there that's Ver204351_Steam.pak and it's around 12 - 13 MB. Also edit the DLC manifest file as per this guide if you're using manual mods installation method.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 06-27-2018


So the issues are bigger then I thought. well hopefully there will be a one pak fix similar to robhals one pak grey eye fix. Sad

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 06-27-2018


I hope so too but so far I can't find anything... Been scratching my head since last night.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 06-27-2018

Wow that's worse than I thought.
At least the old skeleton makes things passable, but damn.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - mfg - 06-27-2018

idk why but none of the falke mods work for my copy of sfv. every other char is fine including the other s3 dlc chars. any ideas? (whoops checked after downloading the patch and it worked lol)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 06-27-2018


Yep and according to Robhal we do have some reason behind this issue but no lead on how to solve it. They introduced a new feature that if you move to corners the camera will zoom out and the characters will look slightly shorter and as you close in on your opponent the camera zooms in, that's the reason why few things are acting wrong but why the mods are not complying with new camera system is beyond our knowledge so far, some reference to a new file or something else is missing.

Surprisingly some mods are working absolutely fine for example my Laura Lingerie mod is fine but Showstopper got affected.

I'll keep looking but my motivation is too low right now, I was so close to releasing a Sakura mod and "Capcom" happened. If you guys dig something up please share it here.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FvckBringeR - 06-27-2018

Just came here to say that I have no problems with any Falke mods, and still am using Falke Doll in C2, working fine, so far.

Though, some minor problems arise in some mods, like Morrigan Chun

Show ContentSpoiler:

As you can see, when you're just standing, some meshes mix with others or just disappear, but when you're moving, it looks normal. That happens not only in corners and independently of where the other character is.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Monkeygigabuster - 06-27-2018

With those inconsistencies between those update,I will include all files into my mod to avoid those issues(skeleton,materials,physics...)

Also @robhal do you what is the stage code name of ring of power and the bonus stage in arcade mode

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 06-27-2018

[Image: screenshot__10__by_ecchigamer-dcfksxl.png]

after spending an entire day in front of the computer i finally manage to rig a whole character
God knows how many time i started the game which actually takes very long to just start on my shitty computer
and thanks to this stupid update i don't know how many time i had cook textures again and again
i am not very good at rigging yet and i have been trying to rig a full character for months
but every time ran into some problem and eventually giving up on it

but the rigging is not why is spent the whole day
i finally manage to rig the character fully but the texture were the ones that gave me alot of problem

Among other things sakura's files have been changed 
sakura nude mod for C3 by Segadordelinks isn't working anymore for me
i spent the entire day on body textures but some black lines on the body are appearing
[Image: screenshot__11__by_ecchigamer-dcfku30.png]

i tried the body with texture of different outfits of misaki but the same problem appeared again and again and again and againnnn
finally when i was almost ready to commit suicide 
i thought that something could have gone wrong because of the new update
so i check the nude mod and its not working
thankfully when i swaped the files of this WIP to C1 its working fine now

but i am really pissed right now and i literally want to smash my head into something 
if you read my post till this point then i thank for listening to my nonsense ,i my just trying to blow off some steam

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - FvckBringeR - 06-27-2018


Am no @robhal as you can see, but the codes for the stages are bonus=B00 and the new one is S09.
@Ecchi Gamer

Be strong, my man. Ganbatte!!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 06-27-2018

Ring of Power is S09, Arcade Mode Bonus stage is B00.

EDIT: got ninjaed by @FvckBringeR lol

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 06-27-2018

(06-27-2018, 02:25 PM)Monkeygigabuster Wrote: With those inconsistencies between those update,I will include all files into my mod to avoid those issues(skeleton,materials,physics...)

Also @robhal do you what is the stage code name of ring of power and the bonus stage in arcade mode

I've been adding all files in my mods from quite sometime, it's not related to those files. It's something else.