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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 04-04-2018

(02-24-2018, 11:44 PM)bbb Wrote: I guess this is a minor AE issue I just noticed with my gothic menat story mod. the preview colours reverted back to the original

[Image: ajxN1ZG.jpg]

this only happened with that one mod. Does anyone know why that might be?

(02-25-2018, 06:55 AM)bbb Wrote: @robhal

guess maybe there was a mistake in one of the color previews. Yeah I use the ~mods method. so I just have to edit the dlc_manifest and move the steam paks or just wait it out until official steam patch moves the files for me since its not that much of a big issue. Thanks Smile

Bro, I am sure that your issue above is solved by itself with patch v3.020 atm.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 04-04-2018


Can you please tell me how to work on apex clothing
if you could easily spare some time that would be really great
I have no idea how it works
I just know that it some cloth that has animation ingame

I just learned a little bit about manual rigging and working on physics in unreal engine

All i know there is an option to import apex clothing in unreal engine
i have many questions like

how do you make or extract an apex cloth file
is the apex cloth included in the main character fbx file or is it separate 
is it also in fbx format
does its physics file is seperate from the main physics asset file
can there be more than one apex clothing on a single character

and what is the advantage of using apex clothing for animation at all
i mean we could also use the normal way like we use to hair physics we could the same to any cloth

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 04-04-2018

@Ecchi Gamer

I suggest you stay away from Apex right now, not trying to confine you but you can do a lot with regular physics right now, Apex has complex workflow and it will require you learn a new tool which is either Nvidia's own cloth authoring tool or 3DS Max with Apex plugin and both are difficult in their own ways.

The benefit of Apex only appears when you're animating a long cloth or something like skirt, everything else can be done pretty nicely in regular physics, even long clothes can be done in regular physics if you're good with handling lots of bones and know how to rig them properly.

The main difference between Apex physics and regular physics is that Apex allow you to make each vertex move individually while regular physics make a set of vertex follow the bone they are rigged on so when working with clothes Apex give you more soft looking cloth while regular physics give you more stiff cloth, also collisions are more accurate in Apex due to all vertices having individual movement but they are hard to setup properly, in some cases more hard than regular physics.

To answer few of your questions.

1) You make APEX cloth as I mentioned above (either using Nvidia's tool or 3DS Max with Apex plugin).

2) It's merged with main character FBX when you cook your project and once compiled, it cannot be extracted.

3) Yes Apex asset is a separate file using *.apx extension, that's the file that you import in UE. It has nothing to do with your main physics asset.

4) Yes one character can use multiple apex assets, that's how I made my Laura Mileena mod. It's using two assets, one to animate her long back cloth and other to animate her belt and veil.

5) I mentioned the advantages above.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 04-04-2018

your the sensei

i didn't think it would use a completely different tool 
if that the case then it is going to be a lot to learn and should probably stick to rigging and regular physics until i get a little better at it
in my mind i was imagining something a lot similar to the regular physics
and i thought it would be convenient to just make physics for any new clothing that i add without messing up the original hair and other physics
seeing as how its difficult to find out in which bone should be enabled for collision

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 04-04-2018

(04-04-2018, 10:30 AM)Ecchi Gamer Wrote: Can you please tell me how to work on apex clothing
I have no idea how it works


@BrutalAce has answered most of this but I'll add my two cents.

I would again refer you to PFunk's tutorial for a starting point: (please read the thread, I've posted this before):

That's a great starting point, the rest you're going to have to learn from youtube tutorials and trial/error.

Quote:and what is the advantage of using apex clothing for animation at all
Apex is specific for animating billowy cloth or things of that nature (capes, sashes, scarves, long coats, etc). Could probably use it for hair as well.

Unreal physics collision can be janky in certain situations where you need an object to lie flat on top of another object (IE, hair on shoulders, sash or skirt on top of leg, etc.) as Unreal won't really allow objects to lie flat on top of one another. You'll see it with hair collision especially where the hair will hit the shoulders or another strand of hair and be knocked off violently or jitter. 

[Image: giphy.gif]
Actual cutscene made by paid professionals, everybody.

Anyways, Apex is one of the ways to avoid dumb shit like this.


In addition, several meshes from SF5 already use Apex and thus you can't get them to work properly without manually recreating the APEX file or totally re-rigging them (Chun Li's sash, Fang's sash, Karin or Ibuki's skirts, etc). 

But yeah, I agree with Ace, you need to learn Unreal physics assets first, save Apex as a last resort.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 04-04-2018


I tried the rigging and making physics for a mesh myself
not very accurate but its a start

Show ContentNSFW:

The Hair Texture are not right
I am using Kasumi Hair from DOA
you told me in the past that this was something due to transparency or something
what mistake did i do to make this happen
I have faced this issue with doa characters in the past too
what did i do to screw the texture transparency in photoshop if texture transparency is the cause of this

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BBB - 04-05-2018


yes, it is working now. Thanks for letting me know Smile

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Ecchi Gamer - 04-05-2018


how do you make fluorescent effect ? 
just like you did for momiji 
what color should smra have for it
i am trying to do that for this outfit
[Image: screenshot__24__by_ecchigamer-dc7yabd.png]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Khaledantar666 - 04-05-2018

@Ecchi Gamer first you need to use a material that have emission like Akuma eyes, it doesn't matter the srma color, the alpha layer of the mask dds must not be black (you can control the emission/light brightness by reducing the brightness in the alpha layer of the mask dds)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 04-05-2018

(04-04-2018, 06:24 PM)Ecchi Gamer Wrote: I am using Kasumi Hair from DOA
you told me in the past that this was something due to transparency or something
I wanna say when I was working on Tina I saw DOA hairs don't have alpha layers (which is how Street FIghter V handles transparency, black on color alpha layer = invisible), you need to make your own.
(EDIT: NM, I was wrong on that, though i've had this happen before on older models).

In addition, you need to make sure your hair is on a material layer that has transparency enabled or it still won't work (look for names like hair_alpha, eyelash or eyeshadow is usually good, etc.) . Not all characters have this, learned that the hard way.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 04-05-2018

@Ecchi Gamer

From what I can see in your gif, your issue looks like material problem to me, have you assigned materials correctly ?


Many DOA models do have proper alpha textures and I remember I used Tina models that had those too maybe the model you were using didn't had those ?

[Image: sBPbvs6.png]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 04-05-2018

Hmmmm you're right. I might be getting mixed up with another model I was using that only had transparency but no alpha.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 04-06-2018


You must be using a model with PNG textures, PNG have native transparency support so you don't need that extra alpha layer. If you want to get alpha layer out of PNG then first save it as DDS and copy Alpha layer from that then once again save that PNG as TGA and paste your copied Alpha layer in that.

The reason you use TGA is because it's supported in Unreal and both PNG and TGA are lossless formats while DDS is a lossy format so it should only be used for getting that alpha layer.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Khaledantar666 - 04-06-2018

@sleepy_scrub I totally agree with @BrutalAce but now you will face another problem once you apply the alpha layer, SFV have very bad materials for transparency/alpha, it doesn't restitue at 100% the alpha transparency leading to a bad looking hair for example, to make the alpha part look smooth I usually duplicate the hair and assign the duplicated one to an EYELASH material, it has a perfect transparency but sadly since it's using ZWriteMask some areas may look empty in the whole mesh and now you must find the perfect balance between the alpha layer of the original hair and the duplicated I don't know if this makes any sense to you

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 04-06-2018


Sometimes I miss the good old USF4/SFXT modding bro, the ability to add your own materials with custom properties was priceless. If only that was possible here...