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Blender to UE4

Hi all, sorry I could not upload or link images from or from google photos. (Please show me how)

I have 2 problems in Blender (both version 2.79b and 2.8 ). I'm trying to create a mod (.pak) for the ~mods folder.

1. Blender Mirror or Symmetrize tool

     Every time I used them, half of the mesh disappeared in UV/Image Editor. From "-x to x", the half right of the mesh is gone. And from "x to -x", the half left disappeared. Is it a bug or have I done it wrong?

2. Export to FBX

     When I imported PSK to Blender, everything looked fine. Then I exported to FBX (even without messing with the armatures, mesh or materials), the armatures size got much longer and their positions have shifted when I compared the two. I have tried all possible setting when exporting to FBX but the results were all the same. 

     Is there another way to export to UE4?

Please help. Greatly appreciated.

Very late reply, but Epic has released a set of Blender to UE4 Tools on Github. You'll need to sync both accounts (both on Epic and Github sides) in order to be able to access the page or you'll get a 404, but it's definitely there.

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