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Blender to UE4

Hi all, sorry I could not upload or link images from or from google photos. (Please show me how)

I have 2 problems in Blender (both version 2.79b and 2.8 ). I'm trying to create a mod (.pak) for the ~mods folder.

1. Blender Mirror or Symmetrize tool

     Every time I used them, half of the mesh disappeared in UV/Image Editor. From "-x to x", the half right of the mesh is gone. And from "x to -x", the half left disappeared. Is it a bug or have I done it wrong?

2. Export to FBX

     When I imported PSK to Blender, everything looked fine. Then I exported to FBX (even without messing with the armatures, mesh or materials), the armatures size got much longer and their positions have shifted when I compared the two. I have tried all possible setting when exporting to FBX but the results were all the same. 

     Is there another way to export to UE4?

Please help. Greatly appreciated.

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