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Street Fighter V FPS free camera for 4.070

Done this for practice.Only works for 4.070 for now.
Other version you can search AOB byte code,update address if you know how CE works.

I update this camera from KOF 14 to SFV 3.020,then from 3.020 to 4.070.
The byte code works.
Feel free to modify this script to AOB or other UE4 game,should work.

Took a video show you how it works.

If you interested how to make such FPS free script for other game,check here.

I have replied some tips on how to do so.
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works great~ thanks
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Cool, always wanted to try that type but became too complicated for someone not having much coding experience, then got used to just copying the same basic cam between all games no matter the engine.  Shy UE4 is pretty friendly, I hate Koei-Tecmo's engine, I can never understand how to do those properly.
I think I updated the KOF script for one of the updates, good to know who actually made it  Smile

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