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Sheet For CaS Voices

The voice files for characters are just numbers, and I haven't found anything that categorizes them, so I made a text document for that. It tells which .acb file is which CaS voice, and which numbers are what. This is just so anyone making voice mods doesn't have to endlessly listen to each voice file just to find what they're looking for. From what I understand only "Daring Adventurer" and "Narcissist" don't follow this format. They're very confusing, and I plan to eventually figure them out. There's also a couple instances of not being too sure what something is about, but they're nothing that would be hard to find replacements for, anyways.

Here's the pastebin link to it:

If anyone would like to make suggestions or help out, I would appreciate this. Since this was done by just listening to each file and figuring out what the voice is about, it's not perfect.

EDIT: Through playing some more with custom voices, I've found that some of it is different from what's listed. It's important to note that some of this will change between fighting styles. That makes a little difficult to definitively determine what does what. A lot of the results listed are tested with Mitsurugi's fighting style. The differences between fighting styles are small, and don't nullify this guide, however it does mean that results may vary between fighting styles.

Smile Thanks ! Smile

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