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Mod manager / Trainer

[Image: Modmanager_2019-08-12_18-14-38-718.png]

Download link:
Download link of work-in-progress version:

Basic usage:
  • Start mod manager and select SoulCalibur VI
  • Drag'n'drop PAK files onto the mod manager window
  • Click mods to install and uninstall them

For mod authors: More information about the mod manager (including a troubleshooting guide) can be found here:
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EPIC ! Smile

I've created a new work-in-progress version of my mod manager which contains a basic trainer for the game:

This lets you control the stage music and the exact AI difficulty for each fight:
[Image: Screenshot0000.png]

This can be useful if you want to play in Versus mode and have the AI actually be at Legendary difficulty. Versus mode is weird as it actually randomizes the AI difficulty for each match. I have more information on each AI variable in this guide:

The default values I've chosen corresponds to something very close to Legendary Arcade difficulty. The exception being the waza setting which is usually 7 in Legendary Arcade, but that doesn't work with the entire roster, so I chose 5 which does work with every character.

Note you can't change the difficulty while playing a match. The AI difficulty will be applied during stage loading. Also, some Libra of Soul and Soul Chronicle fights are programmed to have the difficulty change on-the-fly, which might temporarily override the difficulty applied by the trainer.
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Another new feature added to the trainer!

[Image: Screenshot0002.png]

As you can see, it lets you replace AI opponents with a human player (local play only, but you can do this online via Steam Remote Play Together). So this lets you play all of Libra of Soul and Soul Chronicle against a friend.

Download link to newest version:

Yet another new feature added to the trainer!

[Image: Screenshot0003.png]

This removes the 1-frame lag inherent to all offline modes in SC6. This was discovered by WAZAAAAA and you can read more info about it here:

Download link to newest version:

I uploaded a new WIP version which makes the trainer fully compatible with the latest version of SC6:

I made a new WIP release which makes it possible to download SC6 mods directly from the mod manager itself:

[Image: Screenshot0103.png]

Right now it's only mods I've made which are available like this, but if anyone wants their mods available the same way, then let me now.

Uploaded new version:

This updates the trainer to be compatible with the latest SC6 patch (works as of 2020/04/16).

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