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which Modders that you think is underappreciated/underrated

I created this thread to see you guys opinions about which modders should get more recognition from people
Back in SFIV and SFXT era,Maesterwar is my favorite underrated modder

In SFV modding recently,Brutal Ace,KhaledAltar666,Tiggiewhite and AddySun is no doubts getting most recognition and video coverage thanks to their excellent mod.While some modder like SleepyScrub got less exposure even though he is one of the modder who try to research and make Physics mod.

Monkeygigabuster also worth mentioning too.That dude spends his time to mod into other game that other modder aren't interested in it(DOA5,6,MVCI,DBFZ,SC6,JF and freaking FEXL).If you visit others thread that is not SFV in this site,you will know what I mean.His mods barely got video coverages nowadays if it isn't SFV mod
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I gotta say imo it's probably Segadordelinks, he is also in the same league with the modders you mentioned. Maybe in this forum here, he is not quite mentioned a lot but in StreetModders group (and maybe his Patreon page, but I can't see it due I am not his patron), he is quite popular there.
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Underrated....? Hmm.

@TiggieWhite puts a lot of high level mods out that don't get covered, Eventhubs only covers mods featured on PC Best Mods, so they're not really paying attention.

Personally I really liked some of the mods @Lasersloth was working on? More conservative than a lot of mods that were coming out and he got a lot of shit for it but I liked that he had ideas I wouldn't normally think of. And then one day his Deviantart disappared and all his stuff was gone.  Sad

And obviously moddah and @UncleFestor led the charge on actually figuring out the SFV engine, none of the stuff coming out today would be possible without the work they put in at the beginning.
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@sleepy_scrub I'd say @TiggieWhite too, but their mods are Patreon exclusive, so Eventhubs tends to ignore those :/
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@sleepy_scrub @Ouji
I'm just a rookie modder living in the shadow, my name shouldn't even be mentioned here.......
Saint Robhal did over a thousand mod requests for free, yet no one even mentioned him... It's way too underappreciated !!!!!
Shame on you guys~~~~
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I'd also say Robhal and I have said that many times before that he's the knight in the shining armor among us because he do stuff that nobody else actually bother to do and he's been doing this for years now.

I'd also mention guys like Moddah, Unclefestor and lets not forget TerryXX who figured out SFV modding. There was a huge language gap between TerryXX and us and he no longer post mods here but whatever, lets give credit where it's due.

I should also mention that being popular is not always good, me and Khaled are popular but we also got the most amount of shit, we got banned from our old forum, entire Reddit SF modding community was hunting us, our Patreon accounts got shut downed and we got bashed on EventHubs too not to mention we still get crap from time to time. This all happened while other modders were running their Patreon shows just fine so I guess it only happened to us because we were popular.
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@BrutalAce Yeah, I remember that shit. That's why I've always been afraid of having a Patreon for mods. Now that I have one, I'm even more anxious.
You guys didn't deserve that shit because others were clearly doing the same thing, but nobody gave a toss.

@robhal You're underappreciated, mate.
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It's not like if I am going down the hill then I want everyone to go down the hill, it's just that I don't like how it happened to us. The guys who cried so much about us on Reddit and became advocates of Capcom were the guys who were sharing pirated copies of SFV. There was a big ugly post there with links of pirated SFV and not a single person complained about that, they were totally fine with what was going on there, they were also the guys who tried to crack Juri and Urien DLC before official release and no body had any problem with that in fact everyone was praising the guys who were trying to break the DLC but when it comes to modding then everyone likes to play police and you can find a Capcom advocate under every rock.

Also the guy who banned us on forum was in active for 2 years or more, didn't cared about the forum that guys like Robhal, myself and others were running but then one day came out of no where and became the white knight of modding lol, bunch of hypocrites if you ask me.

Anyway, it's going off topic so I'll reiterate my underrated modder picks, Robhal, Moddah, Unclefestor and TerryXX. Like Robhal I should also mention Segadordelinks, he's a talented and regular modder but doesn't get much recognition.
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As a modder myself ,I just focus on modding and feel they joy when a mod is complete.It's all that matter to me
And I also make sure to assist the community when I am needed(I'm one of those who try to gather Brutal Ace,khaled and other core members to discuss about creating Modderbase back when SFXT forum was dwelled into Patreon fiasco)

My mod aren't popular these days but I still considered my mods from different games as a way to promote diversity in Streetmodders/Modderbase
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@KrizmKazm He's doing Hakan's work. Get all of those ladies tan and oiled.  Mesmerized

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