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(AIO) SFVAE Title Update v4.081-v4.100 (obsolete)

I am sure you guys are aware of the infamous "load order" issue when running the game with PAK mods installed with ~mods folder method, right? For those who don't know, here is a quick summary: basically with "~mods folder" install method, there is chance that the game doesn't load some of the PAK mods installed there eventhough the mods themselves are perfectly fine; the issue can be solved (partially) with putting more PAK mods in there or renaming the said PAK mods with putting like the "a" letter in front of their filenames so that they will be loaded by the game (hopefully). Notice that I said "partially" because there is also a chance by doing the solution above will cause another PAK mods to not load either. So the issue is purely random and can't be predicted.

Back again on the "load order" issue, I just found out (from couple of friends telling me) that the same issue can also happen for Capcom's official title updates which are now comprised of multiple PAK files, not just a single PAK file like usually in the past (FYI: they are the game update that downloaded from in-game instead of from Steam, and usually have filename like "VerXXXXXX_Steam.pak") when we use the "dlc.manifest bypass" (more info can be found on here, spoiler box #3) and moving those particular PAK files to the Paks folder (this is where the game store all its main PAK files, aside from those title update PAK files) so that we can still use ~mods folder to install PAK mods that modify/overwrite the actual game files which are inside those title update PAK files.

Personally I don't have such issue eventhough I also use the "dlc.manifest bypass" and installing PAK mods in ~mods folder (as like I said above, the issue is completely random and can't be predicted, AFAIK), but after hearing such issue from my friends thus I try to combine those multiple title update PAK files into one single PAK file (like it used to be) so that the load order issue (example: Laura's Swimwuit 2 costume name not displayed correctly or the new night version of Suzaku Castle stage is missing in the stage select screen, etc) is hopefully solved. Not to mention this is also a perfect opportunity to make useful of the new discovery from @FluffyQuack (thanks bro) to make the compressed PAK file (like what he described in the thread here) as those game files unpacked from the title update files are so many and the total size is huge as well (I am talking about "over 2 GB" size here), but with using the compression feature, the PAK file size for AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.021-v4.060 (atm) can be reduced to like 660 MB.

Anyway, enough with the background story (it's quite long, right? lol) and here is the download link of that said "AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.021-v4.060 (atm)" if you guys have similar issue and want to try to solve it!9EIGSK4L!2Jb0FOCS40Keh...ONgO2prWjM -obsolete-!BQoBHKzC!nmIr5Am8d6ZHg...yUAwhO8mbI -"AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.081-v4.100 (obsolete as well)"-
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This needs to be pinned. Great work.
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@The Nibbler
And everyone else who also use this:
Please make sure to delete the home-made AIO Title Update pak file from your Paks folder after updating to latest game version (v4.070) because this is not needed anymore.
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Haha yes, on first load I had not gotten round to doing that and was greeted with the current missions box you get upon loading and the names of EVERYTHING was scrambled! All sorted now :-)
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Update the first post with the download link for "AIO version of Capcom's title update v4.081-v4.100" (atm).

UPDATE: this file is obsolete now with the new patch that adds Gill, V-Skill II, and balance changes, so don't use it anymore (delete the pak file asap).

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