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Packing PAK files with compression support (using UnrealPak.exe)


UnrealPak.exe is an official tool created by Epic as part of Unreal Engine 4. It was discontinued a couple of years ago, but it still creates PAK files which are compatible with seemingly any UE4 game (of the ones I've tested, anyway). And unlike other PAK creation tools I've found, this one can create compressed PAK files, which results in much smaller filesizes and, according to official UE4 documentation, faster loading.

- Create a folder with mod contents (folder should be the name of the mod, and inside that should be the base folder for the game).
- Drag'n'drop the folder onto one of the batch files to create a PAK file.

There's also a batch file for unpacking unencrypted PAK files, but note that UnrealPak.exe ignores the base path for a PAK file during extraction, so chances are high you won't get the full path this way. It's recommended you use another tool for PAK unpacking.

Edit: I noticed the tool will sometimes create a bunch of INI files at "..\..\Engine" and unfortuantely I couldn't find a way to modify that behaviour. I think these are created because the tool is hardcoded to be used from a UE4 project folder, but you can safely delete the INI files if they're created.

I also realized the tool isn't discontinued (I thought that was the case as I couldn't find it in the latest UE4 source code), but you get it if you download the latest UE4 development kit. I couldn't figure out all the dependencies for the newest version for it to function anyway, and I also don't know if the latest version would create PAK files compatible with older games.
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Updated the download link with a fix to the packing batch files. If you never had any issues, then you don't need the new version, but if you ever run into an issue where it says "Unable to create pak file" then you should download the new version.
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Come up with an idea of combining all Capcom's title update pak files into one big pak file, and thanks to the UnrealPak (which is discovered by @FluffyQuack, you're awesome bro) that can create compressed pak file which is a big saving compared to the normal uncompressed pak file (in my case here, 660 MB vs 2 GB), I try to make the AIO version of Capcom's title update from v4.021 to v4.060. I test the newly created pak file in game and all seems working just fine.

Here is the download link for that pak file if you guys want to try it!9EIGSK4L!2Jb0FOCS40Keh...ONgO2prWjM

EDIT: I also make the new thread for this "AIO version of Capcom's title update from v4.021 to v4.060" so it (and also this thread) has more exposures.
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