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Mod Request and Feasability Question

This is sort of a mod request but also a question regarding feasability as it concerns something I am surprised not to have seen if it is doable.
So there are many skimpy mods and many topless mods. There are also many mods with clothing that flies all over the place. However, there seems to be no mods, or efforts to mod, clothing that covers the boobs when static but provides the occasional (or frequent) "wardrobe malfunction" when in motion.
So is there some reason for this? It seems such an obvious step for a sexy outfit.
There is a mod out there with a garland of flowers over the neck. Something like that but held to the body at the top of the boobs not the bottom? 
Or how about Laura's wonderful story mode costume with that sexy underboob? Imagine if that was remodelled so the top actually hung loose and moved independently of her chest! Quite acceptable when she is stood there but with the real life consequence of such a top when leaping around!!

Is such modelling just too difficult? Has it been attempted but clips too much, gets stuck or just looks bad? Only I imagine such mods in my head and given what is popular here I am surprised there are not mods of this type :-)

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