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[Tutorial] Swap C10+ costumes

Finally I got some time on this. I know it's kinda annoying that we can't swap C10+ slot costumes... well, is that so?!
Actually we can!
I successfully did one here. Chunli C10 to C01. You can find the download link on the bottom of this post.
Here's the preview though.

[Image: Swap1.jpg]

So, I'm lazy, I'm not gonna tell you all the details about it. I'm only going to tell you something important.
"What's the difference between C10+ and C10- ?"
That's the core question isn't it?
So, I made some tests, finally I find out much, only one place different.
For example, Chunli's main costume file, it's name is "CNL_10", but when we open it with HxD, we can only find "CNL", so "_10" go missing, right?!
So, where is it?
It's here :
[Image: swap2.jpg]

'00'= _01 ~ _09

you can easily find this area, it's usually under the "FF FF FF FF", yeah, under the first "FF"
Not only the CNL_10.uasset, all the file names ending with the "_1X" even "_2X" will have this.
say "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_10.uasset",  you can find "0B" here:
[Image: swap3.jpg]

again, under the first "FF" right? quite easy I think.
so, we find out the difference, what now?
there's one way to do it.
I changed those "0B" to "00", and delete the "_10" from their original name. like from "CNL_10.uasset" to "CNL.uasset", "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_10.uasset" to "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting.uasset"
I borrow the "DA_CNL_Costume_01.uasset" from Chunli C01. open it with HxD, change "CNL_01" to "CNL", "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_01" to "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting"
And I also borrow the "DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_01.uasset" from Chunli C01. then do the same thing like above.
also, don't forget replace all the '/10/' to '/01/'.'s pretty much it, done! 
now you can swap C10+ to C10- with Apex physics.

Sorry man... maybe you will have more things to do from now on because of this......
And you know my Sorry English, if you understand what I'm talking about, maybe do a real tutorial later ?
Here's the pak, you can check that out if still don't know how to do it. you can compare the files.
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FINALLY, a breakthrough I have been waiting for so long! What an amazing discovery you got there bro, thank you thank you very much for it Smile

I have applied your guide to test making the mini swap for Chun-Li's C10 and also C12 (because in the past I used her C12 for my ideas for swapping the C10+ costumes that all were ended in failure), and now all come with a smile on my face as they are successful.

I notice with your picture and the swap you provided, there are couple of minor issues:
1. The color preview boxes don't match with the actual costume colors. It can be fixed by copying some dummy color preview file from C1-C9 then we hex-edit it (using this tutorial here) accordingly to what is listed in the original C10 color preview file. But I probably won't do this either because it's too much work and time consuming.

2. We can't use the costume code with your swap (in case of Chun-Li's C10, it removes the sarong). We can fix this too by also swapping the "DA_CNL_MaterialPreset_10" files (must also apply the above hex-editing treatment as discovered by you above), then we must use the dummy "DA_CNL_Costume_XX" and "DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_XX" files that have the entry for ""DA_CNL_MaterialPreset_XX" (in this case, I use the one from her C8 files) and hex-edit them accordingly.

Anyway, here are the mini swaps for both C10&C12 to C1-C3 slot, if you (or anyone) want to check them out. I will ofc include them in my mini swap mod pack and also make more later.!4IIVTCZQ!a1j9XHPzjFkBM...yVN1gCJyho

Once again, I really have to say many thanks for this awesome and amazing discovery bro, and yeah it means more works for me but it's okay Wink

EDIT: now that we can swap from C10+ to C1 till C9, how about the opposite (from C1 till C9 swap to C10+), will try that too later.
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Well, I was a little bit excited myself, so I pak the file ASAP. I did ignore PreviewColor on purpose, because I'm lazy like I've mentioned. But I did forget the costume code thing, because I was excited so I didn't check. Since you mentioned I think I should use C04 as a bridge. I can borrow DA_CNL_Costume_04, and change the name inside the file from "DA_CNL_MaterialPreset_04" to "DA_CNL_MaterialPreset", and then I can use DA_CNL_MaterialPreset_10.uasset. just delete the _10 from it's name.
You use C08, I use C04 because they all have the MaterialPreset... yeah, you get me, you always do. that's why I @you Smile
I don't even need to check your mini swaps, I know you can do it, no doubt !

I guess we can do the opposite stuff, you know, it's even easier than what we have already done.

anyway, very glad to see you love this. finally we can swap everything here right?!
Let me know if you have any other problems to fix, I'm your man.

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Thanks bro, but without your guide here it won't happen like now because honestly after so many failure attempts, I don't do the tests anymore because I was already out of ideas.

Anyway, I have tried to do the swap from C1 (still Chun-Li's) to her C18 (the June costume slot, which I have access to it) and also from C12 to her C18 slot again, but unfortunately they are all ended in failure (invisible model in char select screen and in the actual fight screen). The only thing that works is the color preview boxes from C1 can show correctly when swapped to C18 slot (instead of the usual "double pink" color preview boxes).

I will keep trying, but in the meanwhile I want to ask, can you also do the test yourself to swap from those scenarios? Thanks in advance.

I see, so I'm gonna show you the result ( C12 to C18 ) first, it says : " Possible! "
[Image: swap18.jpg]

I think it's the same way as we do C10+ swap to C10-, something might cause the problem you met. 
those 3 files are special, because they will be read by the GameEngine directly. and for the others, their file path will be written into those files. For Exsample:
you can find this file path in the "DA_Z02_Costume_18", in HxD, it's "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset", again, "_18" is missing.
So...that's the problem here. a little complicated for me to explain it, I don't know if you can understand me or not, but I'm still gonna say this. 
How can you know what file path should the Engine try to load?
For example:
DA_Z02_MaterialPreset_18.uasset, about this file. How can the Engine know it's full path? I mean in the DA_Z02_Costume_18.uasset, it's "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset", so why the Engine knows it's full name should be "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset_18" , not "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset" or "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset_20"??
You might think about the Magic Number I found yesterday right?
"0B" = 10,
"0D" = 12,
"13" = 18
Yes, you can find "0D" in "DA_CNL_Costume_12" and "13" in "DA_Z02_Costume_18". but that doesn't mean those Magic Numbers are there for the "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset", they are there for their own files(DA_XXX_Costume_XX). I think we can find some other "0D" or "13" in DA_XXX_Costume_XX. now one of them are there for DA_Z02_MaterialPreset. that would tell the GameEngine it's full name is "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset"+"_18".
otherwise, think, what if i want to put "DA_Z02_MaterialPreset_20" into "DA_Z02_Costume_18", if there's only one "13", it never gonna make it.
I really hope you understand what I'm trying to say here. because I believe that's the reason your mod doesn't work.
So my suggestion is:
borrow the original DA_Z02_Costume_18 and DA_Z02_PreviewCostume_18,
if you use DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_12 and DA_Z02_Costume_12. what I just said might happen, the Engine will be confused.


Still, I leave my pak here in case you need it.
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Once again bro, you have come to a rescue and for some enlightenment because honestly I admit that I maybe too rely on your "magic number" info and just push it without some further thoughts/ideas either. So now I guess I know (hope so) when to change the "magic number" part or not. And based on your latest insight, now I have also successfully make the swap from C1 to C18 (after several times trial-and-error), here is the preview pic
[Image: rxkqMmB.jpg]

And here are the mod files!BU5VmKob!V16yrges8nJNG...eb79NYD7N0

Atm it's just a mini swap so only the DataAsset files that are modified (later I will also try to make the full swap too, should be easy now, right?). All files are from the original C1 folder (so no need to borrow them from C18 or somewhere else), now let me try to explain how I hex-edit for each files:
1. DA_CNL_Costume_01 (which is renamed to DA_Z02_Costume_18 ) --> first we change the magic number to "13" (for C18 ), then we rename the "DA_CNL_Costume_01" part into "DA_Z02_Costume", then the "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_01" part is renamed into "DA_Z02_CustomizeSetting_18". Don't forget to rename the necessary "/01/" parts into "/18/" as well.
2. DA_CNL_CostumeColorPreview_01 (which is renamed to DA_Z02_CostumeColorPreview_18 ) --> change the magic number to "13", rename the "DA_CNL_CostumeColorPreview_01" part into "DA_Z02_CostumeColorPreview" and also the "/01/" to "/18/".
3. DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_01 (which is renamed to DA_Z02_CustomizeSetting_18 ) --> *VERY IMPORTANT* DON'T change the magic number (or else the costume won't change color), rename the "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_01" part into "DA_Z02_CustomizeSetting_18" and also the "/01/" to "/18/".
4. DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_01 (which is renamed to DA_Z02_PreviewCostume_18 ) --> change the magic number to "13", rename the "DA_CNL_CustomizeSetting_01" part into ""DA_Z02_CustomizeSetting_18", then rename the "DA_CNL_PreviewCostume_01" part into "DA_Z02_PreviewCostume" and finally all necessary "/01/" parts are renamed into "/18/" as well.

Anyway bro, now we can say that we truly can swap any costumes to any slots, right? Wink Once again this won't happen until now if it's not because of your amazing discovery.
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Well, you're already ahead of me......Figures...
although... 2 things caught my attention...

1. you said you changed DA_CNL_Costume_01 to DA_CNL_Costume, and it still works?!  ...... hum, interesting...
I never think it gonna work if you change that file name. including the other two : DA_CNL_CostumeColorPreview_01 and DA_CNL_CostumePreview_01.  because I think their path has been written in somewhere else I don't know...well, maybe there're some other rules...

2.since the rules are different from what I though, maybe we can even try to swap C1 to C99.....?! finally we can have 99 costumes at one time!!!
Well, anyway, I think my job here is perfectly done~! It's all yours now.

I'll be here again when I have something new to share~~
Enjoy Modding~~!
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