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Re-animating a de-apexed mesh in Blender - mesh won't move

I am modding Chun Li's C1 costume. I'm using Blender, so the apex physics applied to her skirt is converted to a second mesh (I think) and I've deleted it. (The one with .001 appended to the material name) So obviously the skirt is solid and stiff in the game. So, I'm trying to re-animate it in Blender, which I don't have much experience with but I am learning.
The hair ribbons seem to be rigged the same way as the skirt, and they move correctly.

If I open the mesh in UE4 and go to the animation tab, each bone in the ribbon hierarchies are all in bold. The tooltip for each bone says "This bone has vertices weighted against it." except the last one.

Each bone in the hierarchies of skirt bones are not in bold, only the first. The tooltip for the other bones says "This bone is used by the current mesh, but no vertices are weighted against it." So that's one obvious difference between the skirt and the ribbons.

In Blender, the skirt seems to be rigged already. It has bones, the skirt hierarchies are parented to the pelvis bone, the bones are named after each vertex group in the skirt, and the skirt's weight painting seems correct. When I move the bones in pose mode, the top bone stretches the skirt out, but when I move the other bones, the bones themselves move but not the mesh.

I'm trying to follow blender tutorials on the subject but nothing works. Does anyone know what I should do here?

Heya. APEX rigging is done in a separate tool. You can check out my thread which compiles lots of information regarding the APEX standalone tool and APEX rigging:

Keep in mind that it's complex, but manageable if you carefully read the info. APEX-related clothing is rigged to existing bones in Blender, but 'animated' using Nvidia's APEX tool.

Chun's ribbons are rigged in Blender using their own bones which connect to her primary bones: bC_Head or gC_Head I assume, but are then animated using her PhysicsAsset. Since I assume you didn't change her mesh much, you can use the native PhysicsAsset.
If you want to create a custom PhysicsAsset, you can check out BrutalAce's guide:

Edit: Keep in mind that you CANNOT animate anything SFV-related in Blender. It won't translate into UE4 or the game.
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Thanks Ouji, I was thinking that if I could get the bones to move the mesh in Blender, that would translate to UE4 and the skirt would behave like the ribbons. I was trying to use the Apex tool following info you provided but it wasn't working and I ran out of time to work on it.  I may ask some questions in that thread later. If I can get that to work it may be preferable to creating a new physics asset.

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