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Is there any way to change Kolin's appearance in Story Mode?

I've tried C1, C2, C3 mods on Kolin but none of them change her appearance. I am guessing she uses a different slot for the Story Mode? Is there anyway to replace it?

That's because Kolin in general story mode is different than the playable Kolin who we use in other game modes. The code is different too as it's KLN (vs the playable version that uses Z20 as its code), but unfortunately there is no easy way to replace the model in general story mode with the playable one as the folder path is little different (it's "StreetFighterV\Content\Demo\Assets\Chara\KLN\SklMesh\01" for general story mode version vs "StreetFighterV\Content\Chara\Z20\SkelMesh\01" for playable version, as you can see that the general story mode version has longer path, so it's impossible to swap from the playable version directly to the general story mode version).

But there is a way (kind of complicated though) to swap them "indirectly" thru some files that control the animated scenes in general story mode, and I had done it already a long time ago. But there are some bugs/issues that I couldn't fix:
1. Kolin's costume color is different than what should be the one from Color 1.
2. When Kolin is speaking, there is no lipsync (the mouth doesn't animate).
3. It seems that all physics don't work (eg. the hair is static)
4. Some items that were held by Kolin (eg. books, chess pieces or cellphone) are floating.

If you want to try the mod despite the issues above, here is the download link!kJA3GC4Y!ZRqz-Q8TAvIO5...AvQM_5s_9s

OK thanks for answering. But yeah, definitely sounds complicated lol
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