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Custom Skins/Models

Let's start with a mod
Dead or Alive 6 Diego mod as Gao Red
[Image: dd4nntw-f6182a86-b07d-4226-82ba-3bef9255e3de.jpg]
This mod still got a lot of issues but I still decided to publish it today to show the modding potential of Dead Or Alive 6

Gao Red outfit Replace Diego Deluxe costume and  Gao Red helmet replace Diego face+hair

This mod used REDELBE to install mod

How to install:
Extract and copy it into your Dead or Alive 6 folder.If you want to uninstall it,simply delete dinput8.dll and  REDELBE folder
Image and Download:
[Image: XraiYnJ.jpg]
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Excellent! I always used the Ranger mods before on DOA5LR and now glad to see them return to DOA6.
[Image: chun_li_forum_signature_by_arpeejajo-d5l11b8.png]

Dead or Alive 6 mod Diego as Green Ranger
[Image: dd92pht-a955fa99-3007-4b96-8764-a5a6c11ce3ab.jpg]
Image and Download:
[Image: XraiYnJ.jpg]

Dead or Alive 6 Power Ranger mod pack
[Image: dd9dt7d-7286f320-74ce-4e2f-b404-363feea367b6.jpg]
Image and Download:
[Image: XraiYnJ.jpg]
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Great work! We need all the mods we can get for this game lol

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