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Tekken 7 Folder Framework Tool

Tekken 7 Folder Framework Tool

[Image: a4c4f837b2.png]

A utility made for to help with mod efficiency.


I created a utility using CMD that allows you to create folder frameworks for mods. 
Creating these folders by scratch every single time when I wanted to do a mod is somewhat annoying.. so with the magic of Batch files I made a tool that can create these files for you. All you have to do is select the direction your going with your mod. For example; A character mod will generate the necessity's for creating a character mod. A stage mod will generate the necessity's for creating a stage mod.. and so forth with the other options present. The file paths created can be used to place your files for your mod and use it for other tools. Mainly u4pak.

The aim of this tool is to increase productivity while still being simple.

Planned Features

Create the essentials for folder creation.
Change the ICO to my Waifu.

Allow for specialised sub category folder creations.


To install, extract this tool onto your Desktop or a folder.
To use, follow the onscreen instructions after launching the executable.


Version 1.0 32-Bit + 64-Bit Bundle
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