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Dead or Alive 6 Modding discussion and discovery

(05-24-2019, 11:36 AM)New Member Wrote: What does his table do? Can you translate it for us?

Oh hey there. So.. i can't because.. my english is bad :/
Sorry about that.
But try it out, it's a really cool Table xD
you can for example, change the camera to POV, you know ? 1st person and stuff like that.
Put the game in Slow motion, it's really cool xD
change the moveset of characters, like put Phase 4 Moveset on Kasumi.
change the Sweet of the characters, the Dirtyness, Etc..

It's been quite a while, anything new ?
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(07-30-2019, 09:30 AM)TiggieWhite Wrote: It's been quite a while, anything new ?

Everything is on Loverslab XD

Wink Wink Wink

I'm not sure if this was asked before but the search function didn't display any results so I will just ask it here. How to fix the error: failed to apply patch "layer2:patchmrcwi" - I have read the Read Me file from Redelbe but there is little details how to install DOA6 mods properly. Can anyone help me out?

(03-07-2019, 07:46 PM)immi Wrote: ok, found where the file name are hidden (file type:0xbf6b52c7)
will update my tool to use those automatically

meanwhile here is the list with the names in CharacterEditor.rdb.
Should help with trying out the replacement tool from the 3dm board


looks like this
#idx   name_hash   size         location                             type                filename
1103   29647b82   000000b0    =>.bin @02baf8c0:0000009c         RigBinFile   HTM_COS_002.RIGBIN
2629   5ebdeca5   00001cb8    =>.bin @02baef00:000009b5   OIDBindTableCSVFile   HTM_COS_002.OID
2996   6cc3b32c   0011e63c    =>.bin @02bafa60:000b505a          ModelData   HTM_COS_002.G1M
3000   6cfecb6a   00000125    =>.bin @02baf960:000000f4   MaterialGroupBindTableCSVFile   HTM_COS_002.MTL
3180   73b344aa   00000076    =>.bin @02baece0:00000089   PartsModelGroupBindTableCSVFile   HTM_COS_002.GRP
3337   793d40cf   000008a2    =>.bin @02baed80:00000163   TextureBindTableCSVFile   HTM_COS_002.KTID
5780   dcf8a952   00000212    =>.bin @02baeba0:0000012e   OIDBindTableCSVFileEx   HTM_COS_002.OIDEX

the first column should be same the index which the DoaTool expects
hello can you put the filenames file online please, the zippyshare link is dead



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