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[Guide] How to Install Previous Versions of SFV

Hello! So yesterday, I was curious about installing previous versions of the game to see if I can play them or view older character files and such, and it turns out that yes! You can play them and still engage with the paks, as you normally would. However, the game wouldn't log into the server for obvious reasons. There is a workaround for that most likely, but I'm not going to get into it, as it may be considered hacking. 

If there is any reason why you would want to do this, this guide will surely help you out.
Please note that while this should be safe (as it is not hacking) and will not get you banned, I'm not liable for your actions from this point onward, but I'll do my best to explain everything. Worst case scenario (if you solely play the previous versions of the game offline) you would have to reinstall the latest game files, but if you do everything I wrote here correctly, you should be fine.

Step 1: SteamDB and Manifests

Note that the game's ID is 310950. This is important for later. While this is self-explanatory, you should just head over to Street Fighter V's SteamDB KIWI Content Depot ID page. Write down the Depot ID and the Manifest ID you would like to install.

Step 2: Back-up your game!

As long as you make a copy of the primary game file which you can find in \Steam\steamapps\common you will be fine. In fact, simply renaming the StreetFighterV file to BKP_StreetFighterV should do the trick (BUT you should still make a copy of it just in case).

Step 3: Head over to Steam's Console and type this download_depot 310950 [depotid] [manifestid]       Without the brackets obviously.

Step 4: Steam should now install the files you want to \Steam\steamapps\content

This will take a while and you won't get a download progress bar, so in order to know the progress of the download you should make your way to the 'Downloads' tab under the 'Library' section in Steam, and you will be relatively informed about how much you internet is being used by Steam and such.

Step 5: Back-up (preferably) or rename your 'download' folder in \AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved and move it somewhere safe!

Step 6: You should receive a new file named something like 'Depot 310950' in \Steam\steamapps\content

Rename the Depot ID file to StreetFighterV and just copy it into \Steam\steamapps\common.

Voila! Smile

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That's a nice guide @Ouji I am sure this will help modders in particular who are interested in trying things from older versions.
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@BrutalAce Thank you~
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