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Dragon Ball (& Saint Seiya) Jump Force Models

Hi all!

I know (by the descriptions on his mods) that @Ecchi Gamer was working on Goku's mods, but he wouldn't finish them until Jump Force came out. I know that he's busy at this time, but I share them here just in case other modders would want to create their own mods (Bardock's Mod  Blush ).

Here I left the Goku's model (and others too) from Jump Force.

Arrow Dragon Ball Models:

Show ContentIncludes:

If someone want to add Vegeta's and Trunk's voice to a possible mod, I can upload them.

And, In case someone is interested, I add too Saint Seiya models. Maybe in the future, when I gain some experience, I could take Seiya and Shiryu and insert them into SFV by myself. For now, I don't have the necessary skills for that project~

Arrow Saint Seiya Models:

Show ContentIncludes:

Soon, I'll share the rest of the Jump Force models (here or in the respective Jump Force Thread), just in case someone wants to work with them Smooch 
[Image: tC082HC.jpg]
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I would definitely want to get those dbz models your saying , i am was busy at the moment starting to adjust to this new routine and i really want to get back at modding asap
have ro install every again i had left my computer something happened to it 
also hopefull that jump force might good modding potential so for things are looking good for the game

also if anyone else wants to do this go ahead don't account for me because i have shit commitment ok !!!, if i remember correctly my goku ssj4 mod above 80% complete last i was active after that a lot happened things got here and there and know i can't even find my files for that project
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Thanks for providing, hopefully they inspire some good ideas.

I'm busy for now, but I'm tempted to ask for the Jojo models so I can do Blanka as Dio since he has this ridiculous time skip glitch now.  Tongue

(Capcom will probably patch it before I finish though).
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@sleepy_scrub You can always use the current 'Battle Resource' files for your showcase, lol.
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