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How do I remove vignette in SC6?

Or whatever you call that effect that makes this gen's games look grayish. (Example Resident Evil 2019)

Background Fog?
[Image: 7GLy9in.jpg]

(02-12-2019, 07:49 PM)dunkingdoughnuts Wrote: Background Fog?

Idk how it is exactly called but this is the best description I can give:

[Image: 2AHihZH.jpg]

Just compare SC6 to SC4 and you will probably get what I mean.

with vignette - red blue and green looks grayish
[Image: iZse43J.jpg]

without vignette - red is red, green is green, blue is blue
[Image: O7lwyty.jpg]


Prolly not what you seek; this should tone down some darkness however.

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