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[Info] SFVAE Character & Stage Codes (v5.012 game)

Want to set this up for future reference (Any help would be greatly appreciated):

As of Ver 5.012 (Seth release):

CHARACTERS [StreetFighterV\Content\Chara]
ALX = Alex
BLR = Vega (Claws)
BRD = Birdie
BSN = Balrog (Boxer)
CMY = Cammy
CNL = Chun-Li
DSM = Dhalsim
GUL = Guile
IBK = Ibuki
JRI = Juri
KEN = Ken
KRN = Karin
LAR = Laura
NCL = Necalli
NSH = Nash
RMK = R. Mika
RSD = Rashid
RYU = Ryu
URN = Urien
VEG = M. Bison (Dictator)
Z20 = Kolin
Z21 = Akuma/Gouki
Z22 = Ed
Z23 = Menat
Z24 = Abigail
Z25 = Zeku
Z26 = Sakura
Z27 = Blanka
Z28 = Falke
Z29 = Cody
Z30 = G
Z31 = Sagat
Z32 = Kage
Z33 = Poison
Z34 = E. Honda
Z35 = Lucia
Z36 = Gill
Z37 = Seth
ZGF = Zangief

AS1 = Shadaloo Minion 1
AS2 = Shadaloo Minion 2e
AS4 = Shadaloo Minion 4
AS6 = Shadaloo Minion 6
D01 = Enero
D02 = Février
D03 = Marz
D04 = Aprile
D05 = Satsuki
D07 = Juli
D08 = Santamu
DCP = Decapre
NDK = Nadeshiko (R.Mika's wrestling partner)
PO3 = Police (Peter)
VEM = Ghost form M.Bison
X00 = Two-P (the mohawk guy in Barrel bonus stage)

Other characters from General Story mode (StreetFighterV/Content/Demo/Assets/Chara, inside "\Dlc\General\StreetFighterV_General.pak"):
ABL = Abel (Shadaloo uniform)
ABX = Abel (Guile's character story)
AZM = Azam (Rashid's partner)
EDO = Ed (General story version)
GIL = Gill (General story version)
K03 = Hinakigu - Genin Kunoichi (Kanzuki Zaibatsu)
KLN = Helen (General story)
KLX = Helen + Suit (General story)
LFN = Li Fen
MA1 = Mike (Character from Street Fighter 2 Intro)
MEL = Mel (Ken's son)
OB1 = Chunin Kunoichi (Kanzuki Zaibatsu)
PO1 = Mahesh (Dhalsim's disciple)
PO2 = Michael (Peter's police partner)
RA1 = Don Sauvage
SAN = Sean
SBS = Shibasaki (Karin's butler)
SL1 = David Crislip (USAF member)
SL2 = Joe (USAF member)
SMH = The Usher (Rashid's friend)
TLR = Byron Taylor (Guile's superior)

STAGES [StreetFighterV\Content\Maps] (KO) = Includes KO transitions
AFB = Air Force Base
B00 = Bonus Stage on Arcade Mode
BO5 = Lair of the Four Kings "Alt setting" (with Sagat statue)
BOS = Lair of the Four Kings (KO)
BRZ = Hillside Plaza (KO)
CHN = Bustling Side Street
DBI = Skies of Honor
DOJ = Dojo
IND = Apprentice Alley (KO)
KPB = Kanzuki Beach
KZ2 = Estate At Noon
KZK = Kanzuki Estate (KO)
LDN = Union Station (KO)
LVS = High Roller Casino
NYK = City in Chaos (KO)
NZ1 = Mysterious Cove
NZL = Forgotten Waterfall (KO)
RU2 = Spooky Arena
RUS = Underground Arena (KO)
S01 = Temple of Ascension
S02 = Temple Hideout
S03 = English Manor
S04 = Ring of Pride
S05 = Frosty Boulevard
S06 = Kasugano Residence
S07 = Metro City Bay Area
S08 = King's Court
S09 = Ring of Power
S13 = Honda Sento
S14 = Ring of Justice
S15 = Sun Chase Moon
S16 = Field of Fate
S17 = Suzaku Castle at Night
S18 = Union Graveyard
SH2 = Shadaloo Corridor A (the stage featured in Ed's story)
SH4 = Shadaloo Base at Night
SHA = Shadaloo Base (KO)
SPN/SX1 = Flamenco Tavern
SZK/SX2 = Suzaku Castle
TAI = Ring of Destiny
TRN = The Grid

Ver????_Steam.pak [C:\Users\-YourUserName-\AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\download] --> Title Update v?.???
Nothing worth mentioned atm (only new DLC costumes).
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Z23 = Menat Smile
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@Firkraag delays on making the same thread in here because currently there is no way to make table like that in this forum.
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I'm sorry I took so long for it, thanks for making this @Cybuster you the man!
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Hi. Here is a contribution to the character list:

AS1=Shadaloo Minion 1
AS2=Shadaloo Minion 2
AS3=Shadaloo Minion 3
AS4=Shadaloo Minion 4
AS5=Shadaloo Minion 5
AS6=Shadaloo Minion 6

CMN=Common Files



RND=Random (Interrogation)
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@Segadordelinks Updated, Thanks! Big Grin

what is B00 on the stages folder?

B00 is the barrel breaking bonus stage featured on arcade mode.
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(01-24-2018, 02:53 AM)robhal Wrote: @AkumaXDragonS
B00 is the barrel breaking bonus stage featured on arcade mode.

thank you so much :3
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Any chance we can get the main post updated to include all the new stuff; Sakura (Z26), Sakura's Stage (?), Zeku (Z25), Barrel Stage (B00), etc?
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Since the original poster (@Cybuster) is nowhere around atm, I have updated the first post with all relevant stuff in SFVAE atm.
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Are Jianyu and Xiayu missing from the Dolls list? Also is Juli also where Juri is hiding as well? For some reason I thought there were a few more of the Dolls that show up throughout the story mode of the game.

That's because their folder (D09=Xiayu, D10=Jianyu, and also D11=Noembelu) really don't exist in main game Chara folder (but they do exist in general story pak file). Juli's folder (D07) and also Juri's (JRI) is listed in the first post above.
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Z27 = Blanka 

Thank you for this, btw. Very helpful.
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Hey sorry everyone, been SUUUUPER busy for a bit. I'll update with all the stuff as soon as I get home ^^;
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