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Updates and DLCs - Latest: v1.10C (final)

(06-23-2018, 09:21 AM)robhal I\m know i'm here late but where is the skidrow crack download at so I can do this? Wrote: @DiZeroX
Try these steps:
1. Backup your current save (SAVE_SYS.DAT) in folder "My Documents\KoeiTecmo\DOA5LR\xxxx (various numbers)"
2. Delete that SAVE_SYS.DAT file mentioned above
3. Run the game with Skidrow crack, and let it creates the new save
4. Quit the game, then go to ""My Documents\KoeiTecmo\DOA5LR\xxxx (various numbers, but this time it's different from above, check the folder date if not sure as the new save should be the latest one)", you should see the newly created save file (same name, SAVE_SYS.DAT) in there
5. Drag that newly created save file into the SaveResigner app (Resigner.exe), in there you will see "Current Steam ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", write down that ID
6. Close the app for now, then copy the 3DM save file into the newly save folder (from point 4) and choose to overwrite.
7. Now drag that 3DM save file into the SaveResigner app (Resigner.exe), enter the Steam ID with the one you write down in point 5
8. Done.

I don't play the game for quite a long time, so please understand if I am wrong here.

Anyway, if you just need the Skidrow crack to load your savedata that created with Skidrow crack, I don't have the actual Skidrow crack but I do have the ALI213 crack which pre-configured to load the Skidrow savedata. Here is the download link (also found in the first post)

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