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Segadordelinks' SC6 Mods

Breakable Items update:
Added more items (the All-in-One file is updated too).
  • Cataclysm Chaps.
  • Cyclone Bracelet.
  • Cyclone Earrings.
  • Cyclone Necklace.
  • Cyclone Pants.
  • Destiny Gloves.
  • Dvapara-Yuga.
  • Haohmaru's Hakama
  • Mourning Robes (Fixed).
  • Purge Leggings.
  • Raging Seas Slacks.
  • Raging Seas Wristbands.
  • Raven Choker.
  • Raven Leather Leggings.
  • Redemption Chaps.
  • Samsara Lower Body Garment.
  • Strategist's Pants.
  • Truth-Seeker Gauntlets.
  • Truth-Seeker Sandals.
  • Winter Rose Gloves.
The link is the same:
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(08-19-2020, 06:32 PM)Segadordelinks Wrote: @nick311: I don't know what could happen. These mods shouldn't mess with the controls.
Edit: Have you tried this?    

"thanks I fixed it. It was steam doing it."

Breakable Items

This mod makes the non-inner unbreakable items breakable.
I created separate files for each item. If you want every item to break install only "BreakableItems_AllinOne_P.pak".

Items included:
  • All socks (female and male).
  • Female Pirate Coat and Female Pirate Belts.
  • Arcane Knight Armor.
  • Seraph's Armor.
  • Sword Princess Leotard.
  • War Maiden's Costume.
  • Mourning Robes.

Note: If I missed any item, just tell me and I'll add it.

"Can you make items like Hilde's under armor breakable? Also maybe similar leotard items? It would be fun to take a fully armored female night from full harness to naked."

@nick311: This method has some limitations. Inner items can't be turned to breakable.
Also, character's inner items break their own way. That's why I make breakable and destroyable costumes.

Setsuka Shoes without Ropes
Show ContentSpoiler:

Removed the ropes from Setsuka's Shoes.
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Naughty Pirate update. The link is the same:
Added a breakable bra that replaces the Archangel Armor B (Outer).
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Punk Hair
Show ContentSpoiler:

The classic hairstyle arrives to Soul Calibur VI.

Male version replaces Mohawk hairstyle. Female version replaces Bob with Highlight hairstyle.
Both with physics. Color customizable*. Thumbnails included.

*The point of the hairs is black. I kinda liked that effect.

I've updated all Elysium mods (Normal, Breakable and Topless).

It fixes some bugs in the bra (rigging, better adjustment to the body) and the left arm (the metallic part is better adjusted to the arm and the cloth).
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Taki Alt Costume update. The link is the same:
  • Seams fixed.
  • Better compatibility with other items.
  • The unbreakable versions now work in a different way. It doesn't break, but there are still normal and damaged versions of the costumes in CaS.
  • Other minor fixes.
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Added physics to my Male Nudemod and Pubes (male) mods.

Breakable Items update: The link is the same:

The empty body parts that appeared after breaking are fixed in some original characters. The only ones still with the issue are Nightmare, Seong Mi-Na and Zasalamel.

I created "0BreakableItems_AllinOnewithoutIssues_P.pak" file, which has all the items except the ones that cause issues.
The "0BreakableItems_AllinOne_P.pak" file has been updated too.
That 0 (Zero) at the beginning of the name is to make them compatible with other mods.

The texture fixes are added in their respective files, you can delete the old one.

Lizardman Nude
Show ContentSpoiler:


He doesn't have any items that covers the hips, so it will always be present.
Physics included. Color customizable.

Unbreakable Clothes
Show ContentSpoiler:

Some characters have normal and damaged versions of their inner clothes. This mod avoids the change during combat.

The damaged clothes are still available in CaS.
The other items still break.

The characters affected are:
  • 2B.
  • Amy.
  • Azwel.
  • Cassandra.
  • Haohmaru: Upper item. Only for default character (not CaS).
  • Hilde: The default leggings are broken.
  • Ivy.
  • Setsuka.
  • Sophitia.
  • Taki.
  • Xianghua.

There is an All-in-One file included.
Fully compatible with other mods.

Sexy Worker
Show ContentSpoiler:

Time to work!

Items replaced:
  • Helmet: Menghu Helm (Head). Included male version.
  • Shirt: Thight Shirt (Upper).
  • Shorts: Asuka's Hot Pants (Lower).
  • Socks: Short Socks (Socks).
  • Boots: Leather Shoes (Feet). Included male version.
  • Hammer: Cogwheel (Extra).

Fully color customizable. Thumbnails included.

Elysium update:
Added a file to give the regular Sophitia Elysium's mask (colors 1-3) to Normal, Breakable and Topless versions of the mod.

Elysium CDLC:
My first CDLC mod:
  • Inner Clothes.
  • Inner Clothes (Unbreakable skirt version).
  • Mask (Opaque).
  • Mask (Translucent).
  • Choker.
  • Arm guards.
  • Hanging cloth (Opaque).
  • Hanging cloth (Translucent).
  • Boots.
Update: Added underwear only version.

Raphael Soul Calibur IV update: The link is the same:
Added a file to make default Raphael wear these clothes (inner clothes are his default ones). Different for each color. Optional.

Ivy Inner Break Mid
Show ContentSpoiler:

This mod makes Ivy's inner clothes break with middle damage instead of lower one.
100% compatible with any other Ivy mod.

V-kini CDLC
Show ContentSpoiler:

CDLC version of my Sophitia V-Bikini mod.

  • Unbreakable.
  • Breakable.
  • Malfunction Both.
  • Malfunction Left.
  • Malfunction Right.
Recommended to use my Topless and Bottomless mods for NSFW versions.
Use the Benevolence Attire as base item for NSFW versions.

Fully color customizable. Strings inside the file.

Sophitia V-bikini update:
The metallic part is now colored independently (All versions).
The link is the same:

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