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Segadordelinks' SC6 Mods

I've updated my HD Feet mods (male and female).
Now they are compatible with the new items (Free and DLC).

The links are the same:

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Bikini without Pareo
Show ContentSpoiler:

Chainmail Bikini
Show ContentSpoiler:

They both replace the Bikini with Pareo. Require Creation Items B DLC.
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Amy SCIV Hairstyle
Show ContentSpoiler:

An imitation of Amy's SCIV hairstyle.

For the preview I removed Amy's head item.
The ribbons are ported from SCIV, the rest are edited items from SCVI (SCIV items looked so LD).
The roses aren't color customizable, the rest are.
Thumbnail included.
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Tiger Lily Stockings
Show ContentSpoiler:

Tiger Lily Stockings from Soul Calibur V. Thanks to Honey Badger for providing the model and textures.

Three items included:
-Full item: Replace the Night Butterfly Socks.
-Thong only: Replace the School Swimsuit (recommended to have the Topless mod installed too:
-Stockings only: Replace the Thigh Highs.

All of them are unbreakable.
Color customizable and thumbnails included.
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Ivy Breakable Costume 2
Show ContentSpoiler:

Now the break goes much lower.
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Nico Robin's Costume
Show ContentSpoiler:

The items replaced are:
-Underwear: Bridal Shorts.
-Glasses: Intelligent Glasses (from DLC A).
-Top (Breakable): Spy Robe.
-Skirt: Rococo Skirt.
-Shoes: Bridal Heels (Included a version compatible with HD Feet).

There is un unbreakable version of the top, but it also replaces the Bridal Shorts (panties included), so you have to choose one.

The skirt has physics.

As always, color customizable and thumbnails included.
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Xianghua Destroyable Costume
Show ContentSpoiler:

Three costumes included:
-Xiangua Bottomless: All the time.
-Xianghua Breakable Topless: The costume breaks, but panties resist.
-Xianghua Destroyable: The costume breaks for a full nude.

Breakable and Destroyable mods aren't compatible, you have to choose.
You can have the Bottomless mod working with the Breakable one, but you have to rename the file to "ZXianghua_Bottomless_P.pak" or similar (so the game reads it after the other one).


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