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Segadordelinks' SC6 Mods

Hi everyone. Here is the thread with my Soul Calibur VI mods.

How did I solve the scaling issue? It's easy, I didn't. I manually moved the vertex to match the game scaling.
Not 100% perfect, but gets very close. If the scaling issue is solved, I'll update all the mods as soon as I can.

All my mods have thumbnails and are color editable.

And here is the list:

Creation Bottomless

Female HD Feet

Male HD Feet

Cassandra Skirt

Setsuka No Coat

Patrons only mods
My Patreon page:

Sophitia Skirtless

Taki Nipples

Sophitia Skirtless Breakable

Taki Breakable Costume

Witcher Frame

Open Shirt

Creation Topless

Tina Armstrong's Cowgirl Bikini

Ivy Fix

Geralt: Olgierd Hairstyle

Santa Costumes

Shao Kahn

Ivy Breakable Costume

Xianghua Breakable Costume

Echidna Costume

Oily Skin

Sophitia V-Bikini

Seong Mi-Na Breakable Bra

Seong Mi-Na Topless

Closed Turban

Berserker's Helmet

Tira Topless

Tira Breakable Bra

Kaer Morhen Background

2B Breakable Costume

Yoshimitsu Without Flags

Jago Items

Male Nudemod


Shadow Jago's Mask

Sophitia Bottomless

Sophitia Destroyable Costume

Mileena's Costume

Mileena's Breakable Costume

Taki Destroyable Costume

Pirate Bikini

Naughty Pirate

Pisces Armor


Ashigaru Cleavage

Tyrfing without sheath

No Seams Project


Merlin's Costume

Seong Mi-Na Bottomless

Seong Mi-Na Breakable Costume 2

Bikini without Pareo

Chainmail Bikini

Amy SCIV Hairstyle

Tiger Lily Stockings

Ivy Breakable Costume 2

Nico Robin's Costume

Xianghua Destroyable Costume

Nami's Costume

Heavyweight Championship Belt


Naughty Arcane Warrior


Mai Shiranui Hairstyle

Grey Knight Helmet

WWE Championship Belt


Mitsurugi Breakable Costume


Cassandra Topless

Cassandra Breakable Costume

Cassandra Destroyable Costume

Sex Bots

King Head


Elysium Breakable Costume

Elysium Topless

Psycho Ranger

Breakable Underwear Project

Tira Breakable Costume

Hilde Crown Princess Alt

Taki Alt Costume

The Lost World

Raphael Soul Calibur IV

Hilde Breakable Costume

Hilde Destroyable Costume

Sophitia Topless

Taki Topless

Raven's Costume

Amy Bottomless

Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris Breakable

Shorter Capris

Ivy Soul Calibur IV

Ivy Soul Calibur IV Breakable

Breakable Socks

Naughty Ivy

Shorter Unitards

Savage Underwear

Adult Amy

Boxing Shoes & Socks

Savage Anklets

Haohmaru's Soul Edge

Setsuka Breakable Costume

Setsuka Destroyable Costume

Breakable Items

Lara Croft's Costume

Tira Destroyable Costume

Setsuka Ropes

Buster Sword

Setsuka Shoes without Ropes

Punk Hair

Lizardman Nude

Unbreakable Clothes

Sexy Worker

Elysium CDLC

Ivy Inner Break Mid

V-kini CDLC

Setsuka Outer Kimonos


Mystery Topless

Mystery Alt

Jungle Torn
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0 patrons for a crazy person charging 50 dollars for simple edits. Get a life.

What are you doing Sega? This is outrageous 50$? For the removal of clothes?! Come on you gotta admit thats nutty even for you.

Yes, I wanted to make them for patrons only. But the prices were just wrong.
Sorry for the confusion.

A WIP of my next Soul Calibur 6 mod.

Tina Armstrong's Bikini WIP
Show ContentSpoiler:
A new outfit for Create a Soul mode.
Based in this mod for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round:

To do:
-Some editing in the bra.
-Add Tina's boots.
-Other minor fixes.

Okay thats actually fair now. But will those be availible as CaS items? (Mainly Sophs clothes)?

I am trying to get Shuras cloths and this mod is the key to complete Shura.
Also thanks for not getting defensive or going EA on those that criticize you and I was very harsh elsewhere, give you a better image as a content creator.

If Sophs breakable clothes are CaS and fully customizable you now have my support on the merit for handling criticism. (As most people on the internet cant nowadays.)

@ziggycurry: I expected some criticism (specially after seeing what happened to other modders). So don't worry. (And yeah, those prices were too high).

And yes, all those mods are also CaS and as customizable as the original pieces!

Well here is the first issue with the Mods so far the Soph Breakable skirtless wont allow any stickers..... Sad

Yes, you're right. That happens in every mod.
I've also tried mods from other modders and they have the same issue. Maybe is derived from the scaling issue?

I'll fix the mods when a solution is found. I'll add a warning in my pages to inform of this.

Creation Topless
Show ContentSpoiler:

If armors are so easily broken, why bras don't?

Creation Bottomless
Show ContentSpoiler:

This one is based in Maliwei777's nudemod, that's why I'm giving this one for free.
You can combine it with my Topless mod for a full nudemod.

Tina Armstrong's Cowgirl Bikini
Show ContentSpoiler:

Based in this DoA5 mod:
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Ivy Fix
Show ContentSpoiler:

Did you notice that when you install a nudemod some misplaced nipple textures appears in Ivy's costume in Create a Soul? This mod fixes it.

I think I've found the solution to the no-stickers issue of my mods. It was indeed derived from the scaling issue.
Needs some more testing, but if this is correct I'll start fixing my mods soon (and tell everyone how I did it, of course).
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Creation Bottomless Update
Show ContentSpoiler:
The link is the same:

More tests on the no-sticker issue solution.
Please try it and tell me your results. If they are good I'll start fixing all my mods.
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I have a request for you since Patreon wont let me message you. I have an Abyss Model fully made and fully textured and ready to rig. And I would lik to know if you can rig the entire model on a CAS item mainly the glossy underwear so noone has to worry about it breaking. Do you think you can pull that off? Not only will it look good for you but it can entice others to support your work. Or it can be a another free community thing your choice. Let me know, as I am a Patron as promised.

@ziggycurry: It's strange that Patreon doesn't let you send a message. I answered in a PM.

Geralt: Olgierd Hairstyle
Show ContentSpoiler:

Hairstyle from Olgierd (The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone).

I've updated all my mods. They are all now "Sticker-Friendly".

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